Fully 3D Print and Fonctional MK-7 Iron Man Armor


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Hi guys !

MK-7 is one of my favorite armor so far and it's been a while I would make one !
I allready make an iron man helmet and base the mk-7 armor and proportion on it.
Now that I have some skill's in 3D modelling and Printing I'am able to start and make it grow up quickly.

I first start with the forearm and the hand whitout forgot to make the moveable piece !

Here some pics of the first pieces :

Fingers : one ready for casting the other just out from the printer !

The hand : an other is coming because this one is too small !

First Forearm version : you will see the new one is beter in every point !

The new one at right !

And finally with the moveable piece on ! need the hand-plate, that will be print tomorow, and the forearm will be complete !!!
IMG_0183.JPG IMG_0184.JPG

You can follow me here : https://www.facebook.com/thprops






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Those are Omarbou's arm files if i'm not mistaken? the polygons/geometry looks identical...
Either way, nice prints.


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How difficult are those programs to use? I have a 3D printer myself and would like to print a set of fingers and other items but have no background using a 3d modeling software so I'm trying to learn :). Would you recommend them for a beginner cause the files you've made and printed r amazing and Id love to learn how to do that!
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