FULL SIZE Airwolf 1:1 scale recreated!

Steven W Stull

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Hello Gang:
I introduced myself a little while back and posted a link to my carbon copy of the screen used Airwolf flight suits and Fully Functional Airwolf helmets. I stepped up the challenge and I am nearly completed with a full size 1:1 carbon copy of Airwolf her self. This is being done for a museum in Pigeon Forge Tenn. The musume is a ground up ultra modern Helicopter museum and Airwolf is in the Hollywood helicopter section. Ship is complete with ADF belly launcher and the side mount chain guns. The side pods I made from scratch by taking templates off the surviving Airwolf screen used parts. The link here will take you to the story and massive photos showing how I did this step by step.
Airwolf will be suspended from the steel beams in the museum with gear up and in full combat mode. This is not a close replica, But a carbon copy.
Enjoy the photos and Please let me know what you think.
Steven W Stull
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Beagle Bill

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That's really incredible, Steven. Airwolf was always one of my favorite shows. Thanks for sharing the details on this massive project. She's looking awesome. :thumbsup


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Excellent Job. I may have to stop everything and go see this when it's available to view.

Jetcopters where Airwolf was originally built is not far from one of my jobs in the San Fernando Valley, I always wanted to check it out but I know they no longer have an Airwolf Copter.

I heard that one of the Stunt copters used on the series crashed years ago, what a shame.


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Steven, I've been following your Airwolf photo updates for some time now. INCREDIBLE JOB... Thanks for bringing "The Lady" back to life again for all of us. I look forward to more pics.