Full size 74-Z Speeder Bike build (ROTJ)

Not happy with the engine covers as they were asymmetrical. A few layers of builders bog and some sanding have improved this area. One i think i had never noticed, That Wormy pointed out is the small winged edges in this area. These can clearly be seen in the Bandai model.


Underbody is now all connected. Connected up the vac pipes today and started some weathering. After the base coat i did a black acrylic wash, rubbed and wiped in different areas. Added some splatters of water which gives i nice dirty splashed look. After that dried i used a sea sponge to dab on silver for some paint chips. Then the most simple but effective paint chip finish of some black blobs and lines followed by an inner silver area. This old ILM (and scale modeling in general) technique reveals a nice looking paint chip with edges of undercoat. After all that dried i did some dusting with a dirt oxide powder for a nice dusty look. The best part of today was a guy on a romantic walk ( i work in my back lane way) with his wife and dog, only to abandon them and come running over to check out the speeder. LOL.


Presentation day. Sydney Supernova 2022. JOB and Wormy had a last minute dash to the line to get the feet and hand grips attached. AP got a very nice banner printed in the final days showing the perfect Redwood forest backdrop. JR organized a really nice display space for us. For me the piece was not finished until we had a scout trooper present and we were lucky enough to have two present for the weekend.

One hand grip broke off in the first few hours and by the end of the second day the engine intake broke off from somebody trying to kick start it!
Anyways, all in all many children and adults had a great time and took away many photographs of themselves. Great to have made such an interactive project.

All up we made this bike for less than $1500AUD (about $1000USD, 984EURO).






I always said to myself that if I ever had the room and money to build a large size prop, I would build a speederbike, hands down. This is absolutely stellar!

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