FREE Lost paper prop - Hurley's polaroid

Hi all, as some of you know - I'm planning a run of the replica Dharma playing cards some time within the next few weeks (I'm in negotiations with the printer just now) but until then, I thought I'd offer a free paper prop for those Losties...

Maybe some of the guys that did the Memento polaroids could shed some light on how to put these together?

Anyway, here's the artwork:

If you print this file on photo paper, matching the size of a regular polaroid, you should be able to paste it over - or cut out the existing polaroid or something.


I'd love to see what you lot do with this, if anyone makes it into a polaroid - take some pics..

Rick Hanson

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Very cool, thank you. The image looks great.

I love all these little paper props, they add a lot to prop displays. I don't have ready access to a Polaroid camera, but if need be, I'll just go buy a film cartridge and dismantle it to get a "blank" to work with. :D

Docking Bay 93

New Member
I still have my old Polaroid Film Printer in the closet, but I'd have to find a driver for it to work. That does the job fact, I believe that it's how the old "zora" polaroids were done a few years back.

Any thoughts? Anyone still have the drivers for this printer?



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This might be a silly idea, but I figured I'd put it out there anyway ....

If the original picture is a good quality, couldn't one just print out a large version of it, and then take a poloroid camera and take a picture of it? Good lighting would be a must. And lining it up right in the view finder of the camera of course ??


Docking Bay 93

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In my experience, it is exceedingly difficult to get a pic of a pic using a polaroid. It doesn't like it focus like that, especially without a flash.

Of course, I could always be convinced to sell my printer. ;)