Proper Replica Polaroid Photo Replicas?


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Hi all:

Has anyone had any luck making realistic replicas of '80s-style Polaroid photos?

I know it's simple enough to print something on photo paper in the right shape and crop it, but proper Polaroids were multi-layered things, all soft plastic, and consisted of multiple sheens. The main body of the photo was a matte/satin white, with a black satin square on the back that was the size of the photo on the front. And the photo itself was a very high gloss.

If anyone has cracked that nut, I would be interested in seeing your process, as I'd like to put together a nice Time Bandits photo that isn't just a simple printout.

And if not, maybe it's on me to figure it out!

Thanks so much!!
I do not know what is out there , just a thought. If you could find a camera and film you could shot photos and remove the images and put what you wanted in there. Ideally you could find old images and do the switch. Good luck.

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