Suggestion Franchise Break Down for search engine


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Art said in the thread about a movie and tv forum:
I would desperately like to create a system that would better break down the top franchises and allow members to see only the franchises they like. There is no way we would do it via individual forums... we have looked at prefixes as well as tags and a few other options, but haven't found any solution that wouldn't require an absolutely incredible amount of manual labor and data entry.
Why not put it on us members when creating our titles?

Right now, if I search on "LOTR" I get a ton of stuff not LOTR related... HOWEVER, If I do an advanced search on LOTR in titles only, I get a fantastic LOTR only list.

The problem is not everyone posting about Lord of the Rings puts "LOTR" into their title, so it's not comprehensive.

The mods could make an announcement and/or a sticky that suggests a standardization for creating titles in certain franchises.

Create in the sticky a list of the suggested initials and then see how many members participate. There are already some accepted norms.

I wouldn't think mods should have to edit titles because if members value their thread being found by the community, they'll do it.