Fortnite - Pet Scales Backpack Replica from Season 6 Battle Pass


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So thought I'd share another build from start to finish in Depth, my last one being an Iron Bot replica from the Iron Man comics which you see here Iron Heart - Iron Bot Replica from Invincible Iron Man Issue 595.

This time, with just over 2 weeks available before the Season 6 battle pass ended, I decided to make a replica of the Scales Pet Backpack, including the adorable scales himself. For reference, here's whats about to be built.

002.JPG 003.JPG 005.JPG

For those that also cannot wait to see how this turns out, here is the hero shot of the completed piece finished mere hours before my set deadline.​

hero vs original.jpg

I started this piece by making the backpack portion, my intent was to make a frame and then skin it with fabric for the final desired appearance. I used cardboard (recycled from a shop) here along with paper mache in hopes to keep the piece light weight.​

omnipic_1541600421332.jpg omnipic_1541607782415.jpg omnipic_1541694688472.jpg omnipic_1541697695109.jpg

With the frame built, I managed to find a really nice stretch fabric to skin the piece with. Printed templates where used to ensure scale and fit was right.​

omnipic_1541868843011.jpg omnipic_1541872164420.jpg omnipic_1541874912497.jpg omnipic_1541947262249.jpg

The outer fabric skin was stitched together and attached first before working on the inner lining, I managed to find a fluffy blanket in the right colour and which looked nice. Again templates where used here to mark out and ensure correct sizing before any fabric was cut.​

omnipic_1542042097565.jpg omnipic_1542120721872.jpg

With the Inner lining done and fit, next up, the front pocket and side pockets.

omnipic_1542650400629.jpg omnipic_1542122827818.jpg IMG_20181116_151422531.jpg omnipic_1542633436031.jpg omnipic_1542634474378.jpg

After completing the main form of the backpack, it was time to work on the little details like the accessories attached to the bottom, the little button and rolled up mat. Finding a camping mat to use for this project proved difficult and resulted in a cross county search from shop to shop but I did eventually find one. Working on these details was also the start of the 3D printing phase of this project.

omnipic_1541866744727.jpg omnipic_1541866757819.jpg omnipic_1543066469148.jpg omnipic_1543086300734.jpg omnipic_1543086343594.jpg omnipic_1543086467120.jpg

While working on the fabric side of things and with the main backpack, my trusty 3D Printer was also working away printing various parts for this project, namely the strap buckles, chain, dragon bowl and of course Scales the Pet Dragon.

omnipic_1542804449490.jpg omnipic_1542843613433.jpg IMG_20181122_142432667.jpg omnipic_1543064247029.jpg

This project was also my first time ever using esuns PLA filament and it was a delight with no issues compared to what I used to use. Overall all of the 3D printed parts took about a week straight to print with breaks in between. Scales taking most of that time.

omnipic_1542896946310.jpg omnipic_1543084839838.jpg omnipic_1543244268307.jpg omnipic_1543248472783.jpg omnipic_1543323519068.jpg omnipic_1543354357995.jpg omnipic_1543354740735.jpg

Overall the first week of this project was dedicated to 3D printing and the main form and fabric of the backpack. By weeks end I had a fully 3D printed Scales and a mostly finished Backpack.

The next week was spent on final details, the bag trim and painting scales.

omnipic_1543432634355.jpg omnipic_1543438810593.jpg omnipic_1543499559737.jpg omnipic_1543499569827.jpg omnipic_1543500674585.jpg omnipic_1543507449445.jpg omnipic_1543510401971.jpg omnipic_1543512455616.jpg omnipic_1543530640595.jpg omnipic_1543582189339.jpg omnipic_1543761292635.jpg omnipic_1543763230294.jpg omnipic_1543773543313.jpg omnipic_1543872493698.jpg

Continuing the thread here since each post has a 50 image post limit.

omnipic_1543087117641.jpg omnipic_1543147213666.jpg omnipic_1543150987198.jpg omnipic_1543151015625.jpg omnipic_1543765435241.jpg omnipic_1543765440764.jpg omnipic_1543765754828.jpg omnipic_1543962157767.jpg omnipic_1543962185329.jpg

The final details to add was the trim around the edge, this was also done using paper mache and done with 2 days left for my deadline.

omnipic_1543969940481.jpg omnipic_1544018498785.jpg omnipic_1544020108002.jpg omnipic_1544046151210.jpg

With the trim done and slotted on, this piece was complete.

IMG_2656.JPG IMG_2666.JPG IMG_2669.JPG

hero shot 1 web compressed.jpg

With this piece completed I decided to tweet it out online and was delighted that the creative director of Fortnite managed to see this piece.


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