1. Avengersrox

    Fortnite Oblivion

    Hello all! This is my first post as a therpf member and I'm super excited to get tips and ideas from you all :) I am currently working on an Iron Man MK VI build, but I already have plans for a second suit-- Oblivion from Fortnite. I know Fortnite IRL can be cringy, so I am going to be...
  2. BoxPunch

    Loop is a lie

    Loop is a Lie
  3. taibhse

    Fortnite - Pet Scales Backpack Replica from Season 6 Battle Pass

    So thought I'd share another build from start to finish in Depth, my last one being an Iron Bot replica from the Iron Man comics which you see here Iron Heart - Iron Bot Replica from Invincible Iron Man Issue 595. This time, with just over 2 weeks available before the Season 6 battle pass...