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Okay so I've seen a lot of Deadpool costumes out there, and the urge hit me to make my own.

There were some items that I wanted to build myself and some that I wanted to buy. One being the mask.

Google-Search "Deadpool mask"= disappointment.
I did some searching here on the threads and saw a few but they still weren't what I was wanting.

Then somehow I came across this site that sold Lucha (wrestling) masks.

There he was. Deadpool.

I was skeptical about buying from the site, but I took the chance.

Here Is the result.......




Here you can see the double stitching around the eyes


Double stitching down the seam


Not to sure about this part

Secure neck ring


Now because it is a wrestling mask its build for abuse, so there is this extra bit of fabric down the inside of the seam to keep it from over stretching.

Okay lets put it on!

As you can see his little whatever is on the top.

Back shot

and finally........

The eyes are made of some type of cross between strong foam and vinyl.

Oh Yeah!!

All in all I'm very pleased with my purchase.
It came from El Salvador so i took a while to get to my door, but it was worth the wait.

Paypal was used

And you can find it here!
eLucha - Custom Wrestling Gear - Masks - Baggy Shorts - Baggy Pants - Long Tignts - Hoodies, Jackets, Tops - Vest - Bicker Shorts - Full Sets - Custom work - Deadpool Pull up Wrestling Mask

If you go to the mask section you'll see a few other Deadpool styles. Including the red eyes on black mask.

Thanks for looking
I'm hispanic and I used to watch old mexican luchador movies as a kid(El Santo, Blue Demon) and this site has the masks... Bro I can't express my gratitude, lol. I ordered 3 masks from him already. Thanks again for taking me back in time.

Edit: these are the luchadores I was talking about;
El Santo(The Saint)

Blue Demon

those were 2 of the masks I bought
dont forget to get good see-thru white fabric. ive seen hundreds of amazing deadpools. and 90 percent of them suck up close becuase they have cut-out eye holes. spend a little extra and get the see thru-fabric. you only need a little anyway.
MAJOR thanks for sharing that website. Coincidently enough, I was planning a wrestler/Deadpool mashup, so this is quite perfect! I noticed they also sold some nice red/black kickpads that closely mimic the Deadpool suit pattern. Apparently that guy does custom work too so I can probably ask to have the see thru white fabric added to the Deadpool mask.
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