(for fun) 2 Darth Vader Pics:

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Jack Bauer, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Jack Bauer

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    Steven Spielberg to Re-Edit some of the scenes from the Star Wars Movies, fearing that too many kids are wanting to yield dangerous lightsabers.?

    boba_fetts (from TDH) and I had a little fun with my (still growing) vader costume.

    LOL. :lol Hope you enjoy the Steven Spielberg version of Darth Vader.......

  2. gpghosts

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    dude nice and thats a cool police scanner
  3. Darth Kahnt

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    Sweet..... :D
  4. The Wook

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    Btw...new helmet looks sweet. :thumbsup

    The Wook
  5. ob1al

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    Ha - that's great. :p
  6. Boba Frett

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    You can still poke an eye out with that dangerous antenna.
  7. mikajedi

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    :lol Good idea .
  8. Too Much Garlic

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    Nice costume... and funny idea. :)
  9. Betamin

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    So when Spielberg convinces Lucas to do some "changes" to the SW movies, Luke and Ben will be aiming walkie talkies at one another, and the sounds of feedback will be what they're battling with. Vader will have to have his lines changed to say "Your hearing is weak old man". He'll then have to beat on Ben with the walkie talkie and knock him down instead of cutting him in half. And lines from ROTJ will be "I see you have constructed a new radio. Your skills are complete."
  10. Studio Stasis

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    Thats an amazing costume. Which helmet and armor is it?
  11. Jack Bauer

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    Thanks for the kinds words. I'll have to compile a list of where I got each part. but the Chest Box, and entire belt for now are modified Rubies Supreme. The better chest, and belt are in the begining stages of construction.

    It will take some time to track down all the old emails and such, to figure out where I got each part.

    This one is cool it has a neat "motion effect" look to it.

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