Foam Mats For Dreads, Help! Please!


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I'm in a pickle...big pickle.
Canalien as a cheap, easy, and well-done way to make realistic looking dreads out of foam mats, latex, and paint.
Got latex and paint...but this darn foam!! She stated is as a yoga foam mat, its strong enough, yeat soft enough to work will. Well I got s $10 foam mat and it was water proof, and had an outer protecive layer, so the latex didn't rubberize it.
She has found this mat a local store not around my area. She says it has a nerf-texture. I just can't find a place that sells this foam.

Anyone who has made these dreads from this technique, any advice on where you can get it?

My mask arrives in a week, and i need it done by halloween. Please, can anyone help?
I'm experimenting now using "Fun Foam" also known as "Foamies" you can get pretty big sheets of it for real cheap. They are very flexible and are pours so they should absorb the latex to make them flexible and the 'grit' should weigh them down to move.

I have one cut and glued but need to coat with latex now, it's ridged at the moment, but Canalien said the latex should rubberize them.
I have tried the foamies for dreads and discovered that after adding the latex they got even more stiff. The latex shrinks, which tended to pull it into all sorts of off shapes. With enough weight it could have worked, but having 40 of those things hanging off my head would have been a nightmare.

if they are stiff right now ..and you coat them in latex ..they will still be stiff. There is no magical chemical component in Latex that will change the physical properties of another substance ..this I can assure you. Not sure where you are getting this "rubberizing" information from, but it is incorrect. Im just trying to save you some hassle and money
the Latex would eventually add weight ..and that may cause them to droop more...but thats it.  I just wouldnt go that route. Ive seen decent methods using nylon cord ..tapered off ..then dipped in latex. It would seem that for all the time and cost, you'd be better served finding a vendor here on the Lair that has them cast in foam
Think if you are on a budget then you should go down the backer rod route. Cost me the guts of£35 in the UK for more than enough to stuff a mask. Downside is the flexibility factor, there is next to no movement in them. However budget wise they are good. I tried a sample dread using a. 15 ml piece of rid and coated it in black roofing rubber and put on some copper plumbing joints for weight/dread rings. Turned out not too bad. I have though decided to wait and save up for some proper ones made by the guys on here, think after spending the time and money on my buid they would irritate me. I can definently appreciate building a pred on a budget as my budget is Zero, however I am in no rush to finish and want to get it right. If I wasent so skint I would send you my backer rod as it is off no use to me now.
I did go the backer rod route before and I just was not happy with how they don't move very good, I want them to be all swishy.
Canalien used yoga mat foam though and they moved really well after the latex and the sand inside them.

Mainly just wanted to test on the one to see how it turned out, I will eventually make some proper dreads with 'Cold Foam' but I don't have the proper set up at the moment to make them. Will be moving soonish so I hope by then I'll have a spot that I can make them safely.
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