Flaming lapel flower/smoking lapel flower?


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I am considering building both of these for a costume. One was based on an idea I saw Joel Hodgson did during his standup era.


The other would be a smoke/fog shooting lapel. Any ideas on how to safely build these? I'd want to use them for a photo shoot.
No one? I am surprised. I had considered, after looking into it, a can of butane and a bit of fish tank tube, but I am unsure how well it would work.
Maybe you should check out some sort of magician shop for stuff like this. They have stuff that is a little safer i think.
I've looked at magic shops, but most of it is very small amounts of smoke or something stationary; something that needs plugged into a wall and couldn't fit on a person.

I saw this but have no idea what it is made with.

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You could use the gimmicks magicians use. For instance ´Smoke´ of ´Pyro´ from Ellusiontist.com
It´s quite pricey but an instant solution and safe . I own smoke, and it is very durable and could easily be built in a flower.
I don´t know about pyro vthough
I appreciate the comment. Price isn't my primary concern, but if it could be done on a cheaper, or more specifically, repeatably cheaper method, that would be great. The flame would be more interesting from the lapel. I think I would want smoke to come from a sleeve.

EDIT: I looked at Ellusionist, and realized it was the same people that did the three minute video about a flame shooter that vaguely shows the product and quotes the creator as if they are a trusted source of opinion. I don't really trust em.
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