First MR ROTS Vader "REVEAL" progress shots ...

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by fettpride, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Well, this might get "touchy", so I will cut to the chase and answer the main question that will be asked first ...

    Question: Did you "Recast" an MR Vader ROTS Helmet ???

    Answer: The simple answer is ... "Absolutely not". The more complicated answer is, I did have to cast the pipes, and the neck/chin to get two good pieces to work with. But in according to the recent “Recaster" threads, that's not a big deal anymore ... as long as it's just for me, right ? ;)

    And, I did much worse in the long run ... I cut it in half :lol

    I committed a sin indeed ... an it wasn't easy, to say the least .

    Aftert the discovery of all these interior mask parts, I couldn't see putting them into an OT helmet. Just couldn't do it .... I needed a palette with some lineage.

    After some serious customizing and rebuilding, the following "Teaser pics" are where I'm at after about 2 weeks of work.

    I couldn't have done it without TK7602's awesome exhibit reference shots ... so tip of the hat to you bud .

    I purchased/traded for all of the greeblies from an E-Bay Seller that we'll call "JJ". His parts are very clean, and great to work with. However, after studying reference in detail, I ended up having to fabricate most of the parts anyway. So, for the parts I did use, a big thanks to "JJ" as well.

    The ROTS style "Expansion Screws" are completely scratch built by yours truly. Four layers of very thin styrene cut to shapes, layered, molded and then "Cold Cast" in aluminum.

    The large ROTS style "Linkages" on each side of the forehead, are also scratch built, cut from steel.

    There are MANY differences between the stock MR helmet and the actual ROTS Reveal. The lower dynode holes had to be moved an inch higher on each side, pipes had to be relocated, and then of course, there is the whole chin/face fitting.

    It's also my first clear-coat attempt with an HVLP gun.

    While I was at it, I fixed all of the "Factory" screw-ups, such as the horrible trimming in the mouth grill area, ect.. That's actually what got me into this mess. Couldn't get them to give me a return authorization, so I took matters into my own hands ...

    Again, these are just teaser pics. A lot of work to go for the outside. Lighting sucked. The further I get in the project, I'll take pics in natural lighting, and post links to larger versions.

    Let the games begin ....



    And a screen cap vs. my own expansion screw ...

    Keep in mind, that according to the exhibit shots, it's a pretty good bet that these little buggers were cast anyway. There are quite a few broken in half :lol


    And last but not least, the chin ... and yes the fit together like a glove.
    I dare say better than the screen prop. For some reason the pipes don't line up in the
    screen version ? :facepalm

    There is also a steel support rod in the upper bridge of the chin vent ... don't wawnt it to snap ;)


    And on a final note ... no, I am not offering these. I'm not ignorant ;)


  2. Too Much Garlic

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    Very impressive. Looking forward to more updates on this. :thumbsup

    DARTH ANIBAL Sr Member

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    Beautiful work.
  4. kurtyboy

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  5. Star Wars Helmets

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    Very nice work


  6. fettpride

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    Thanks guys ;)

    I'm hoping that this might revive the parts identification thread :angel


    On a sidenote, JEZ - I just realized recently what you did on your site with my ROTS photos, wanted to THANK YOU .

  7. Qui-Gonzalez

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    Lord that looks amazing. If you are crazy, I don't ever want to be un-crazy. On a side note, the pictures of the chin are not showing for me.
  8. vaderdarth

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    Absolutely excellent......I am so jealous... :)

  9. yodaman

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    Awesome :)
  10. GundamZeppelin

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    wow is there nothing you cant do :lol
  11. lesternessman

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    That's awesome. Real nice job.
  12. JediCarl

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    Me want. Me want..
  13. darth_manu

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    i can't see the picture of the chin.
  14. kell

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    fettpride , you do some amazing work.... I love your Rots Vader on your site. Not to hijack but where did you get that awesome armor , Did you make it ? How can I get some?

    Cant wait to see more pic of your reveal

    Super Cool TNT

  15. OldKen

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    that is the coolest thing ive seen here in a while. :eek

    cant wait to see this piece completed. :thumbsup :thumbsup

    great work so far.
  16. fettpride

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    Again, thanks a bunch guys ;) I wasn't sure how well received this would be :lol

    I fixed he chin pic, invalid JPEG header .. courtesy of Photoshop CS2 :rolleyes

    Thanks. I made the armor from scratch. However, it isn't accurate as it was made in a time before much reference was available ... it has since been redesigned, I just haven' had time to post yet ;)I'll get pics up of the armor soon as well....

  17. Montagar

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    Wow... just wow. :thumbsup

    Are you planning on doing all of the inside detail?
  18. fettpride

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    Oh yes :)

  19. voix

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    Sweet.. Looking Great
  20. Darthmiller

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    FP...WOW...just WOW
  21. Goldenrod

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    Awesome and ballzy. I don't think i could bring myself to cut it up.
    BUT you accomplished what you set out to do. And it looks great.
  22. Reel Fakes

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    :eek WOW.:eek
    That is so nice bro.

  23. Nobody

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    Great work. That takes a lot of guts to cut your MR like that.
  24. darth_manu

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    looks great man, i didn't know the expanders are different than the OT,
    learn something new everyday
  25. JDFett

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    you never cease to amaze me...did you have to repaint the whole thing or did you do it in a way that saved the repainting process...if you ever want tot sell that let me know
  26. Lynn TXP 0369

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    Awesome work as always bud.
    You got balls of steel. ;) :lol

  27. azuma

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    Waw... Hope to see it when complete. Are u going to add internal details?

  28. Montagar

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    I already asked and was answered by the man himself. :D
  29. Boba Frett

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    :thumbsup :thumbsup SWEET.....
  30. well paid killer

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    Jeeze... No wonder why you've been so hard to get a hold of. :lol ROTS isn't my thing but that my friend is by far one of the coolest things I've seen on this board in a long time.. Really really good stuff there...
  31. Star Wars Man

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    nice. i like the little weathering thing.
  32. SithLord

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    Now that my friends is a h&%^ of a replica. :thumbsup


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