Firefly kit on SSM

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Sidewinder, Mar 12, 2006.

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    :unsure the detail is so soft though. Interesting, but I'm going to wait it out...
  3. Wolvster1

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  4. Lanboy

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    I'll wait for the much larger Thomas Models version that's coming. It's supposed to be 22" (I think).
  5. SPDOmegaRanger

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    could this be the movie version, she looks beautiful
  6. jrschmd

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    Hey I just saw Serenity last week and am not up to current model news. What models exist and/or what is in development?
  7. ThomasModels

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    This one is in development:
    Click the image for a larger view.

    I've just about completed rendering section slices of the entire craft and shuttles. These files will be used to laser cut acrylic which will be glued together and the spaces between filled with foam, very much like the large Sovereign 1701-E model that is shown here. These sections will be vac formed over, cut out, detailed, then cast yeilding a resin kit that will assemble very much like an injection molded kit but without the restrictions of undercuts and softer detail.

    I have no idea when I will have this ready or a price on it.
  8. Sidewinder

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    You're a very bad man teasing us like this.

  9. dijinn

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    I was excited and ready to get the Firefly kit from SSM. But after I looked at the pictures of it online... the details are just too "mushy" for my liking. I'm going to wait for the ornament from Diamond Direct to come out and that will satisfy me until Thomas decides to get the big 20"+ kit ready for us.

    - J.
  10. Yorpheus

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    Is it just me... or does anyone else agree the Serenity is a really poorly designed ship. Oh... and butt ugly too.
  11. SGluedMyFingers

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    <div class='quotetop'>(JediDave @ Jun 1 2006, 11:13 PM) [snapback]1254639[/snapback]</div>
    Looks like a big plated turkey.
  12. DrMcoy

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    But its ugliness is what makes it beautiful -- the design makes it believable AND it fits the style of what one would think Mal would buy (or could afford) -- kind of like Han Solo the Millineium falcon -- although Falcon much more sleek, I believe the idea was that it was supposed to look kind of piece-mealed together.

    Anyways -- I got the SSM kit and have it almost finished. I love it. Yes, some details are soft and some things aren't 100% accurate, but overall I think it is a GREAT representation of the ship. I'll post pictures tonite. I would have loved the kit even more if it had only cost $50, but I didn't know about plans for ornament or the Thomas project at the time I saw the kit at Wonderfest, and thinking that nobody else would ever do the ship, I figured I better get the kit I regrets.

    The only tricky part of this ship - and any others that may be released - is that the details seem to get slippery depending on whether you are looking at TV series ship or movie ship. Even within the Tv series I believe details, like so many other props/ships kits, you have to decide which version you're looking to recreate -- or not dwell on the minutia (sp?).
  13. RedTwoX

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    <div class='quotetop'>(JediDave @ Jun 1 2006, 11:13 PM) [snapback]1254639[/snapback]</div>

    "Poorly designed" in what manner? From an aerodynamic stand point I agree. There is no way this thing is generating any kind of useful lift. However, it seems like a great deal of thought was put into how the internal space would be used, and how the crew would move through it. It has a very "form follows function" design, which is really how anything should be designed from the get go. There are, of course, the usual sci-fi errors. Where is the fuel stored? How much fuel can they store and still have all that internal space? The same for water and atmosphere.

    Generally speaking, I like the design. It's got a lot of character.

    {Edit in so this not completely off topic}

    I agree the Starship Modeler kit is too soft. I'm very interested in Thomas Modeler's offering, and we'll keeping a sharp eye out for updates as that project develops
  14. DrMcoy

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    Here is link to my web page that has several pictures of the SSM Firefly ship.

    I have yet to add the little side panels -- solar panel type thingies -- but this will give you a good idea of how the model looks. I did not agonize over complete accuracy when it came to paint scheme and did not sweat all the little details on this kit -- I wanted to get it together and up on my shelf, so it was a little rushed but I am pretty happy with the outcome.

    Most difficult part was deciding what color to paint some scenes it looks rusty brown, in others it looks like gleaming silver. I settled on a base coat of a TAIMAYA spray paint called CHAMPAGNE GOLD -- a pearlescent sheen with a light gold touch. I then used various acrylics to paint all the little patchwork panels and weather it. Not sure how much of the weathering really shows up under the flash, but the pics will give you a nice look at a finished kit.

    Looking forward to the THOMAS project as well.
  15. DrMcoy

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    Gee, was my model that bad or do you guys just not check this thread that often??

  16. jddurst

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    Looks great to me. Yeah the flash kinda makes it too shiny, which ain't shiny, if you catch my drift... But nice work. I'm probably going to ask my local independent comic dealer to order a Dark Horse ornament for me. Anyone hear of a release date yet?

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