Finally Found Some Gloves to Go With my Cap Gauntlets...


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So, I've been working on a generic Captain America costume. It's got elements from several of the movies and I might end up going with a shield from the original issue of the comic.

Anyway, I've got some gauntlets that are based on the ones worn in the first "Avengers" movie.

I've been trying to find some gloves to go with it, but hadn't had any luck because most of the stuff I was finding either didn't look right or had logos and such all over it. I had been looking for brown leather, because the helmet I'm making will have brown "leather" on it (it's actually vinyl), the belt will be brown, and the boots are brown leather. Those elements are taken from the "Winter Soldier" version of Cap.

So, here's the gloves I found with the gauntlets I've made.


I think it looks pretty good. You can't really see it in that picture, but the gloves have the same lines as the gauntlets on them on the back of the hand, so it really flows well together with the design. The brown will fit well with the other brown "leather" bits on the costume when it's done, and the gloves fit me pretty well.

I'm glad I finally found something to use!

Thanks for looking.
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