Finally found an original MPP Microflash!


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I finally got my hands on an original MPP Microflash. It is missing the clamp and it has the 2-step shroud, but even so, it might just be my new favorite saber! The weight, the detail and all the metal... this thing is crazy sick.

I have made a Luke ANH in the past (pics are on the board somewhere), and that was a kind of holy grail for me (even though it is the gateway prop into a lot of peoples collections :lol ).

I had never thought of seriously building a Vader saber before now because I never thought I would see one for sale!

Okay, so the question is... do you guys think there is any way on God's green earth I can find an authentic shroud and clamp around here? If not, do any replicas fit an authentic MPP body?

Question 2... if I sell it, what are these going for? I know the body is also used for a Fett blaster and this one is in awesome condition. Even for authentic Vader build, this body could replace one in less than ideal condition.

I am trying to decide if I should keep it or sell it... what are these worth now?

Well, they aren't going for what they used to go for before Parks came out with his. His are damn near perfect and are in abundance, even the tag. So that and the fact that yours has no clamp and has the wrong shroud...:unsure

Also (and Fett experts correct me) wasn't the Fett rifle made with a Heiland?

Still, it's nice to have an original tube. :thumbsup
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