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Hello All,

I read a thread yesterday in the off topic section about Blade Runner. I have never sat down and watched Blade Runner, but I have seen some great Props here on the RPF from the film. Well, after reading the thread I decided to go and buy the film. I have not watched it yet, but this has givin me an idea. Here goes:

"Film/Series of the Week" B)

This is the title for a series of topics, which I feel could be benificial to the community. Every week a sticky thread could be posted about a particular film. In this thread collectors could post collection photos, known prop componants, and opinions of the film. Now I realize that some of this may be repeats of things that have been archived, but I believe that this could be used by newbies to not only gather knowledge about the props in the films, but also broaden their horizons to films that they have not seen. I invision that the topics could stay sticky for one week, and then archived. Then, when new members join, or people who lerk, they could just read the archived thread and gain vast knowledge about a film (without having to read umpteen threads). I see this as a readers digest version, designed to allow members of the community to sample props a little more widely.

I think to start with, we should poll the RPF to see what films people would like to see featured. Get the big ones out of the way first, then do some smaller ones. I figure that the first post could simply be a link to the IMDB page and that would be it, then people could start posting. I do not think that this should be a discussion thread, but just showoff and post "KNOWN" knowledge. I would be more than happy to do all the leg work to get this thing off the ground. Let me know if you think that this would be helpful. IF NOT, then delete away.

Thanks for Listening


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Thanks for the suggestion.

A similar idea was tried a few months ago, although it didn't have much participation and died. However, it was focused upon discussion of the movie in general and not so much the prop angle. I like that spin. You're welcome to give it a go. If it takes off, it takes off.

I'd suggest you post your initial polling thread about it in the OT, and then when it's going (and assuming it'll be prop-focused), make the first official thread in the prop forum.
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