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Re: Free Paper Prop Thread #4 - 2009

Unfortunately no, those are the best ones I've been able to find.
Here's some stuff for you:
First is a fan made JPG, I think from this forum. The phone number is wrong, so I'm guessing that was the artist way of marking his work... :lol

The second is a nice high-res screen cap of the card so you can really see the artwork and fonts.

The third is an image of the back of the card with 555-0178 hand written on it.

I'm sure someone here with Photoshop skills can whip up a good card from these... :love


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The flight card

And here is the screengrab for the Marla Singer Phone number posted by onkelpsycho.
Easy to replicate.



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I never saw the other wrap band before !!

New search in progress ???
Actually, there's 3 versions in there... The first column, the second column, and then the other 2 columns. The two that are the same look like it's the same design as the business card...


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Do a search on eBay for 'Fight Club Soap Wrappers'. You will find both designs (and a third apparently not used) that were apparently obtained from the prop maker that made them for the film... That's gotta be the most screen-accurate ones out there (that weren't actually used). :) Includes a couple of alternate business card designs too, he seems to have sold out of the screen-accurate business card.

I have a set on the way myself, haven't received them yet though...



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I stumbled onto the website of Eric Rosenburg Design today. He designed many of the paper props for Fight Club including:

The Annotated Reader magazine with the article "I Am Jack's Medulla Oblongata"
various disease pamplets
business cards (Federated Motor Corp and Paper Street Soap Company)
Paper Street Soap Co. soap wrappers (4 designs)
Sovereign Airways logo and passenger safety card
Fürni catalog
Gratifico Coffee sign
Lou's Bar & Tavern neon sign
Platinum Video store logo
EPA billboards

He shares images of each on the site.

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lol sickle cell anemia one is good and racist X-)

i REALLY want the sleeveless shirt tyler wears in the end fight. in fact the whole outfit would be freakin awesome.


Does anyone know the font of the fight club rules that Tyler types up at the office? Has anyone done that up?

From Your Props:



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A small part of my Fight Club stuff, I packed a lot of it away for the sake of space but came across a few bits & bobs today :) thought Id post this snap here because they are mostly paper props.
Ive got a few sets of airline tickets I didn't even know I had, left over from a FC party ages ago :)

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I just got a printing in today of a version of the business card that I did and I'm fairly happy with it. I used some of the resources in this thread, like the clear image of the center logo and Marla's signature to make it happen, so thanks! This is the first prop I've done so far that I've gotten from computer to actual item, so it's exciting :) I have a couple of other things like badges that I've done but haven't gotten around to printing/laminating etc. I know Marla didn't write her number on the back of the business card, but this was close enough for me.