Club Obi Wan Handbill


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Hello Everyone,

Years ago I attempted to find the original artist for this poster, but after searching without success, I decided to redo and hopefully improve upon it. The goal was to create a high quality version of the original, while creating a few versions more accurate to the opening sequence.

I have had this hosted at COW since 2008, but only after realizing a few people on this forum have put out their versions, did I realize that perhaps you may like another to choose from.

Feel free to distribute all of these versions. I have not received any profit from the following art, and they are not intended for resale. If the original artist is found, I would be more than happy to give them credit on here, and in the meta file.

The posters are in Adobe Illustrator, and EPS formats. This should allow you to take it to any printer you wish. It can be resized/printed at any size you like, since these are full vector images. Simply select the layer you would like to print, and hide the others.



COW: Original Poster Remake (Jeff Walker)

Files Include:

Original Remake (Original Outfit / Text)
Poster 01 (Original Outfit)
Poster 02 (ClubObiWan Outfit)

Possibly Coming Soon: Authentic Chinese

ClubObiWan Text by: Last Crusader Here


Please note before downloading. You are free to make any changes to the poster that you like for your own personal use, and for non-profit. All I ask is that you keep the Meta Data intact if you decide to re-distribute your version of the poster.

Please add the date, change, your name, and contact email (optional) at the end of the current Meta Data. This should keep this thing off Ebay by eliminating the ability for someone to claim it as their own.

Also, the following files are designed for Adobe Illustrator. Some people have tried opening them in Photoshop which will not work. Doing so will convert the art to raster, making it unable to print at high quality.

Below I have added a CS3 and CS2 version of the poster as well as 3 separate PDF versions. My personal recommendation is to do everything possible to use the Illustrator versions, but for those who want to do printing at home, the PDF's should work fine.

If you need help, feel free to post here or message me.

Thanks. Enjoy!

EDIT: (July 01, 2012)

I caught someone selling these on Ebay for a ridiculous price. If anyone out there would like to offer printed versions of these posters to RPF members (or anyone else for that matter), then you may do so under the following conditions:

- The listing may not be in an auction style format
- The price must reflect the actual cost of the printing / shipping (with proof of print receipt)
- Profits for your work involved must not exceed 15% of the total cost (Providing these as a fan, for other fans is awesome! Making a few dollars for your trouble is cool as well, just keep it reasonable.)
- You must acknowledge all artists involved in the creation of this artwork (found in the meta data within the files and in this thread), and you must openly provide a link to this thread.
- You must contact at least one of us via email or PM and let us know that you're offering this service.
- You must buy me and the other artists a burger if we ever hang out

I think this is fair. I'm not making money, the other artists aren't making money. If you feel you deserve to make money off this for your time, then so be it, but keep it reasonable.


COW: Downloads

CS3 Illustrator Format

EPS Format

CS2 Illustrator Format

PDF Format (Original Poster)

PDF Format (New Text)

PDF Format (New Text / Outfit)


Original Poster (Artist Unknown)


Please post your end results on here as I would like to see them!
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The post above is a slightly edited version of what was on COW. I just cleaned it up and made it a bit more clear.

The story behind this is that I really wanted this poster for my home. Unfortunately I was unable to find the original artist, or poster, so I decided to redo it and alter it a little. With the help from the members of IndyGear, I spent a few weeks tweaking the poster to a point where I liked it. A few of the members asked for the original version, and so I added that as well.

A member by the name of Last Crusader created the authentic "Club Obi Wan" font, which I thought looked much nicer than the "fortune cookie" version in the original. I also felt the original outfit didn't reflect the style in the movie, so I created the white version.

There was a lot of debate and opinions about the reduction of text and my decision to change most of the poster to Chinese. I felt that at the time, the purpose of the poster would be to attract wealthy locals, and the odd foreigner. It seemed to me that locals would be much more interested in the blond bombshell from the USA, so I felt the posters would most likely be in Chinese, instead of mostly english.

I also felt the original was just too busy. I think there were over 5 fonts on the original which felt very cluttered. I felt that by reducing the amount of text, the message would still come across, but be more in line with the art deco style.

Since I don't speak Chinese, this is what I decided on for text.

I didn't know what else to

The Chinese on the top left says, "Dr. Jones"

The Chinese above "Presents" says, "Shanghai proposes famous"

Apparently, "Shanghai Presents the Famous" doesn't translate all that well.

The Text on the bottom was supposed to say, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"....but it apparently says, "Best moving to Moves India Anna fine jade Si and the doom temple are peaceful"

On the original one...the vertical Chinese text was supposed to say, "World Famous Willie Scott" but it's "Renowned Wily Sikete"

I really wish someone on here spoke Chinese so we could properly put something in there.

Ya...I know. It isn't the best translation, but...what can ya do?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.
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