FFXII Judge Gabranth costume build

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been more responsive on the questions and comments. My time frame to make posts and update is due to much more than me just being lazy.

looking good.. like really really good. any plans to remove or fill in those cuts across the shins from side to side? since that isnt part of the pattern of the armor?

edit, nevermind i apparently cannot read.. duuuh, sorry

Thanks Kommissar, that means a lot coming from an artist of your caliber. I am a big fan of the work you do! And yes, I do plan on dumbing down the horizontal seams, but I don't think that I will smooth them out completely. My girlfriend said she thought it made it look more "realistic" and I kind of agree. Since everything below the knee is matt-black I thought any details that could help it 'pop' more would be cool.

But then again, I'm not a pro and I never said that I knew what I was doing :lol

Spot putty like the tubes of 3M Glazing & Spot Putty or more like filler? What are you planning to use to reinforce them? I ask because the little tube of red stuff seems very brittle. Am I being to literal or just misunderstanding?

I agree 100% I actually was able to fill and cover imperfections using the standard plasti-dip and cotton swabs. Go figure. The simplest solutions tend to be the best I guess.

Yeah, I´d say that spot putty is much too brittle when dry and will likely crack at the seams. I´d say that using "acrylic", the kind that you use to seal drywalling joints between wall and ceiling. Flexible and paintable. It might also be possible to use hot glue, there is a flexible kind out there that might be helpful.

I think that using a heat gun might help to create curved pieces, too, eliminating the need to build a curved piece out of single pieces.

You might want to send our member izabel a pm, the queen and king of foam armour building.


Thanks for the tip Michael :)

Like German pointed out, I do use a heat gun for most of the shaping. Especially for the smaller parts where the seams are easy to hide.

cant wait to see more will you make these peps available at some point?

Thanks, I do plan on putting together a "comprehensive" zip containing all patterns, files, models, and reference I use for this project once it's finished.

That said, any and all of my digital work can be purchased with full access to do whatever you want with it. I don't have set prices nor am I looking to turn a profit, but I do feel like the work and time I put in deserves something more than the Skyrim Gift of Charity. You are willing to offer what you can for what you think the data is worth to you. The bottom line is that I am no longer just giving away work that I do.

And thank you again to everyone that commented and showed interest. I am hoping to finish up the arm plates and get the base chest armor next.
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Chest Armor Update

Was not my favorite part of the build. I thought adding trim was going to be the more relaxing and easy part, nope.

Sorry for the wires holding everything up. I haven't attached the separate parts yet. Got to go do the vacation thing, so happy holidays everyone!


I'm hoping my next update will have the shoulders and arms built. I plan on painting everything together just to keep it uniform.
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Oh man

Oh man oh man.

This is pretty much going to be the best thing ever.

Builds like this make me realize how immensely useful a background in 3d modelling is for this hobby.
That is one of the best foam builds I have seen on here. Love or hate foam, it is perfect for builds like this and it seems to have a "weight" to it that suits this type of armor. Rock On! This is one to follow!
Dude, this is a great build! Once you finish it and paint it, add a clear 'metallic' coat, and it'll look like metal, without the negative downsides of metal (i.e. the weight).
Sorry to drag up and old post but while going through my subscriptions I noticed this was one of the ealry ones I was watching, so did it ever get finished? Was good progress so far :D And love the Final Fantasy Series :D
I was starting a pep project for this suit and was wondering if you were willing to share the models you made for this build. Thanks man
That introductory post freaked me out! I thought it was done, and I was in shock!
Then I realized it was just a reference picture... ^_^;;

From what you have so far it looks like you are going to meet expectations!
This look so cool! I have no idea who it is or what you were talking about at the start but I gather its some computer game. It looks great.
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