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    Sooo, my work announced we would be having a costume party and that costumes were mandatory.. but I wasn’t allowed to be a Ghostbuster. (they’ve already seen me in the suit and pack) So what better costume to take on then one of my favorite cartoons as a kid.. Inspector Gadget.

    My husband found the perfect trench coat at Goodwill for only 5 dollars, it was a tad bit huge, but I had it tailored to fit me. Later I cut off the original buttons and added in the large white ones, and cut new slits for the first row to go through.

    For the hat, I found a grey fedora at Wal-Mart for only $5 and modified it to have the black band around it.
    313108_2579726735170_1314476944_3048314_791069784_n.jpg ]I choose the coolest gadget of all to incorporate into the costume.. the Helicopter J

    I wanted to make it as lite as possible so I wanted to try and use foam for the majority of it. I picked up some green craft foam at Wal-Mart, as well as some foam core board. For the handles, I grabbed two aluminum expanding curtain hangers. As for the grips, I already had some in my prop box, and the motor came from an old light bar J

    293963_2527408707252_1314476944_3004585_1102467663_n.jpg And









    And the glory pic J

    Here is a video of the helicopter in action.. I ran wires through the handles and installed a push button to activate it J
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    Hahahaha, that's Awesome.
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    LOVE this!
  4. Interceptor6

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    Excellent job!!
    Love your wall paper too!
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    Awesome!!!! :)
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    Omfg amazin lol love it! Good work woman!
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    Very creative and very, very cool. Awesome job :):thumbsup
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    Very clever... Well done... Cool costume! GREAT JOB!!! :):thumbsup
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    Very Nice
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    Very cool take on the character. I have to agree on the cool Mario wallpaper.
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    I love your idea! well executed!
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    Ha ha this is so great.
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    I'm not sure which is more awesome...the costume or the wall paper.
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    Very cool! =] Love the hat helicopter. It came out very sharp.

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