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Depends... if you want the same brand as the screen-used were, the above link is more than sufficient. Todd does a nice Indy bash on the fedoras he sells. Sadly, the modern HJ's are not made on the same block that was used on the movie hat.

If you, on the other hand, are going for the most accurate Indy "look", then you might want to try this place, as Rab already pointed out... the maker of these hats is a true Indy hat aficionado.


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Steve at Adventurebilt Hats does an excellent job. I just received my Fedora this last Saturday and it is great. It is 100% beaver felt but it doesn't come cheap and he usually has at least 50 hats on order at any one time so I hope you aren't in a hurry. I had mine shaped like the Temple of Doom. He does more of the Raiders shape but will work with you. The young lady is my daughter who insisted on pics with the hat even though it is several sizes too big for her ;) .

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I gotta agree... Steve Delk's Adventurebilt is the way to go. I just placed an order with him for a beaver hat. I've had an Akubra Federation for about 3 months but I'm wanting an AB now. That's the problem with not choosing the AB at first opportunity... you'll buy something else first and then end up wanting an AB. It's just that damn good.


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If you want the screenacurate hat for Indy 4, from the production company, you seek adventurebild. ;) Well .. if everything goes right that is :D


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I think it's pretty much agreed that AB hats are pretty much as good as you're going to get. I debated about getting one myself, but in the end chose to get something that looked almost as good but saved me some cash.

HatsDirect have two models for the Indy fan to choose from: The Federation, and the Federation Deluxe.


I just got the Deluxe, and I'm very happy with it, and the customer service of HatsDirect can't be beat.


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If you've got the cash, AdventureBilt all the way. If you're poor like me, the Akubra fed deluxe is absolutely perfect - plus, AB didn't exist when I bought my lid :lol .

I've had mine going on 3 yrs now and it looks just as good as the day it arrived - and that's after wearing it in pouring rain, snow storms and scorching heat (though it's heavy so I wouldn't reccoment that too often - unless you like sweating). And if fits like a glove after all that.



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If you're willing to settle for something less screen-accurate, there's always the Jaxon Iconoclast. It's a fur felt for about $50 bucks. I've worn mine in some pretty heavy rains and it's held up well.

The only major difference is that it has a teardrop bash instead of the Indy center dent.

But yeah, if you have the cash go for the Adventurebilt.



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Ok semi-hijack.... what about Indy Jackets? :D
Yes, Wested all the way.

There is also a great Wested jacket thread in the Archives. It's a must read..


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I have a Baron Hats. They claim to have made the hats for TOD but people don't seem to believe their claim.


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I can vouch for the Wested jackets -- the lamb is VERY comfortable. Runs $300+ but I thought it was quite worth it.


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I've got a Wested in authentic goat, which is the perfect weight if you want something a little thicker than the lamb but still feels really soft.


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I got the Dorfman Pacific 100% fur felt (yeah, I know......).
I didn't like the teardrop crown so I took the chance and used steam to change it.
I'm thinking about getting an Akubra Federation though.

I'm doing it in small steps so I wont ruin it and here's what I've done so far:

I know it's not done yet, but I'm actually pleased with what I've done to it so far, just a few tweaks and I'm done.

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I would take the adventurebuilt deluxe. Its the most accurat hat if you want to go for Raiders oder Crystall Skull Look. He is also the maker of the hat in Crystall skull.
As for jackets go with wested or with the Todds Standard. Its very cheap in price but very accurate for the money:thumbsup