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    Hey Guys
    I am going to make a fallout t45d power armour with a t51b helmet but I am not that experienced in making templates and have no clue how to turn pepakura into a template and the pepakura I have has 5 pages just for the forearm and I don't know how to get that to less pieces

    I would like to know id anyone has t45d power armour templates for FOAM

    Kind Regards
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    What are you referring to when you mean 'make the pepakura design into a template'? Were you intending to take the pepakura pattern, and then trace it onto another material to build it out of? If so, then it would be as straight forward as it sounds, to print + cut out your design, then trace onto your other medium.

    A popular method appears to be to print the design right onto medium cardstock, put the parts together, and then use fiberglass resin to make it sturdier.

    As for getting the pages layed out, youtube has some great tutorials on using Pepakura. The basics you'll need to move around your printed pattern are how to tell Pepakura where to make cuts when it unfolds, and then also resizing the tabs. I found you have to resize your piece to human size after unfolding, which will also expand your extra tabs. Changing your tabs back to ~5mm size will save you a lot of paper.

    If you actually wanted to edit your file to have less polygons, you'll need to use a different program intended for editing the model. Blender is free, so I guess I'd suggest looking there. The controls aren't 100% intuitive, so I'd suggest looking for youtube tutorials as well.
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    Check JFcustom's foam patterns thread on the forum to see if he has a foam version made. Otherwise it's basically what tacocasserole said. I printed on card stock for the helmet in my profile pic.

    Printed on paper templates and transferred to foam for the rest of the suit. I actually enjoyed the resin and bondo process more than the foam. You can check my build notes via my profile as I used several methods to complete it.

    I resized the model inside the pep program. But that only gets you total scale, without ability to edit height and width separately. So I'd focus on one dimension and then make adjustments to the templates or the foam/card stock once you're closer to assembly. Since I'm skinny and tall, I scaled for height, which left the parts a little to wide. I then trimmed along the vertical seams. Hope that makes sense.

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