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Apparently Bethesda lost their bid to stop Interplay from continuing the project but they have to give express permission before the game can be launched. Which means it'll be a while before they get their crap together. I with Bethesda would just let Interplay be the developer of all Fallout games as all they do is mess it up.
yeah. I never played one and wouldn't if it wasn't fallout. As much as i hate the things Bethesda has done I can't lose faith in the franchise and the fact that Interplay (now called something else) is making it means it's probably going to look and feel more like the original unless Bethesda forces changes. I've never seen such an ugly business deal and the worst of it is on the part of Bethesda though both sides have done each other wrong.
Just my personal opinion, I LOVE Fallout 3 and NV.

Here's the issue with the MMO though: it won't appeal to a mass audience. Let me give you an example: Power Armor. Power Armor should be something rare, right (and, in fact, is a complaint of Fallout 3 that Power Armor is too easy to get)? Well who wants to play in a Fallout MMO where only a chosen few who were in the Beta ever get Power Armor?

In the end, Die Hards will LOVE a Fallout MMO while more casual Fallout Fans (or, more to the point, fans of FO3 and FONV) will hate the game.
"Fallen Earth" is a pretty good MMO that is much like the Fallout series. I played it for a while, but just got burnt out on MMOs.
I agree the nice thing about the original fallout games was the power armor was really hard to get. I have a feeling the MMO wouldn't look much like the Bethesda games and maybe they'd force it to be some alternate Fallout timeline or something unless they just flat out refuse to allow it to be released no matter what. You have a point about how fans would react, it's that way with F3 and NV. Diehards aren't all that fond of it while more casual fallout players liked it.
It is hard to say how much any given crowd will react. Look at Matrix Online, they thought that thing would be huge, I played the Beta, and they changed some stuff with combat, and I hated it. In the end, I don't even think it lasted too long. Not like say Star Wars, or WoW, where they have a huge fanbase and can easily get the numbers to play.

All I know is, they better do it right, and not mess something up with all the various issues, mainly freezing, that 3 and NV had. Plus, they have to find a way for people to store their stuff. While the game itself has fallen far, SWG had a great way to store stuff with housing, it was near perfect. However, with it being the wasteland, we wouldn't be able to just put houses anywhere. But, that is where we can do something like the cities, or even Vault rooms. I'd have to get in on the beta to fully see if I would be interested, as I have been very picky with MMO's.
I think it will be vastly different from NV and F3 seeing as how the creator of the series is no doubt having a hand in it.
Even so, I liked how 3 was setup. The actual city that was hit by the blast, not like Vegas where it was just not maintained and it turned to crap. They may do more than just 1 city at that rate too. Guess we just have to wait and see.
True. I still like that even in 2077 nobody figured out how to make a hydrogen bomb in the Fallout Universe. I'm amazed they even had working ICBMs considering what the bombs you see look like. I'd have loved to have seen Interplay's original version of fallout 3, it was massive from the sounds of it.
So wait, what kind of bomb was that in Megaton than? I must have missed what they used, as I still haven't caught up in 1 and 2.
So wait, what kind of bomb was that in Megaton than? I must have missed what they used, as I still haven't caught up in 1 and 2.

I'm pretty sure it's an atomic bomb. Which makes sense since npcs where were calling themselves Children of the Atom and there's a quest called power of the atom.
Yeah you look at the bombs they have in everything, except the ICBMs in New vegas, and all of them are atom bombs. From what i can tell the US nor anyone else created the Hydrogen bomb which explains why there are still cities surviving after direct hits. H bombs would take out things for 30 miles or more.
Honestly, I'm just itching for Fallout Online. Growing up playing F1 and F2 I've always secretly wanted them being a mmo or at least multiplayer, kinda like Diablo.
I'd settle for anything that at least looks like F1 or F2 lol.

I don't think it will. But if interplay does make the MMO, I think it will have the same lighthearted wit that I loved in the original games. Sometimes I felt like Fallout 3 and New Vegas were too serious.
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