Fallout 3 Enclave Power Armor Mk II Pepakura Files

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    Hi all! this is my first post after a long time of lurking on and off so it's nice but terrifying to have something to contribute! (I hope).

    So for a bit of context, after playing Fallout 3 I got the Enclave power armor and thought it had potential to be a spare time project. But after hours of trawling I found nothing in terms of files or builds for this set of armor even though there seemed to be an interest. So I rooted around and managed to find the base armor file within the EVE Energy Visuals Enhanced mod files and so made a start on extracting it and all that good stuff, but it's nothing fancy as I am very inexperienced. For those who aren't familiar here is a reference photo of the armor:


    And here is the start I made after moving parts about in blender and the creating a PDO with barely any unfold progress.


    It's nothing fancy yet, and I'd appreciate any unfolding help if possible.

    I made this thread because as far as I'm aware it's not anywhere else due to dud links and dead posts, so if this helps anyone out then that's all I wanted to share for. If there's any issues with the PDO I've included the .obj and .mtl files in the OneDrive link for any experienced people to play with.

    Here's the link to my OneDrive with the PDO, .obj and .mtl in case they are needed. The file named Helmet2 is NOT my unfold and I do not take credit, I found it on a dead thread and included it in case people come here for a full set of armor to build.

    Apologies for the wall of text and I'd appreciate any and all feedback and help with this project.
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    long time lurker first time posting. here is my unfold, my 4shared of the helmet. i think the parts are a little easier to work with, at least for me, the 2d parts are arranged to save paper. ill fiddle with the rest of the armor and upload it. its gonna be a pain in the rear, however ive been wanting to do this for awhile.
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