Falcon Model Decals? Interest


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Hey all,

I've been preparing to create some decals for my ERTL Falcon.

Starting from http://killbyte01.iespana.es/killbyte01/temp/MF_ship_of_riddles/www.synicon.com.au/sw/mf/marking.htm
I've been able to locate a large amount of the decals (except the "cummins powered" -not on 5' model?) Plus my own research. I've poured over as many photos as possible and noted many of the various decals used (primarily from the 5' model)

Has anyone done similar research and would be willing to swap notes?

I plan on making a decal sheet and printing it out on an Inkjet. If there's interest, I could print some for others, or post the completed file. As well, since I will be prepping this in Illustrator, the file could easily be scaled for the 32" studio scale version.

Anyone want to have any input on this project?


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I don't have any notes to share but thought I'd encourge ya!

If I were doing a five footer I'm not sure I'd want readable English words on there, accurate or not. But scaled down versions for the 32" might work if they were illegible. Some of the corresponding parts on the 32" are too different to exactly duplicate the decal locations, though. I don't think the 32" actually had such decals but it might be fun to consider using them anyhow.


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Thanks for the encouragement Treadwell

Yeah at the Ertl size most of the decals are only a few millimeters in size. So even if there is any text, it won't be readable (with out a magnifying glass!)

Its just as I was doing my research on the Falcon (waiting for a certain rear engine kit to be complete) I noticed the decals, and then noted that no Model I've seen made had them (except the arrow one on the top of the cockpit). I'm working on a Ghostbusters Ecto 1a and bought a decal set for it and again with the research I decided I need more - so since i'm gonna print a sheet just for a couple, why not make the most of it!


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Hi Talisen,
I'd be interested in the ERTL sized decals! I was thinking of doing the same thing! Would it be possible to post a pic when they're done?


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Well, in my initial post I had mentioned not finding the "cummings powered" logo, well, I had just started sorting my images into separate folders and low and behold, I found one! Right there on the starboard mandible side near the front. But wait.. there's more - three more! Even one on the bottom of that same mandible. It's a shame there aren't many good pics floating around of the bottom. Of course, the damn thing is under glass so angled shots are all one can get.

Anyway, now I have to commence the actual creating of the decal sheet...

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Very interested! I'd like the 32 scale version as well as the ERTL scales version. How much money are we talking about here?

Jedi Dade


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Hundreds and Hundreds

How about a trade, One Decal set for one Back Engine upgrade?

Yeah right - Nah, I'm thinking around $6 per sheet, covers materials and basic shipping.

That's my ballpark right now, I hope to have the layout done in the next week.
Then it's a matter of making some sort of guide.


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Well, I believe I've completed the Decal layout.


This is for the Ertl set, mind you that this image is larger than the final (would be 5.5" wide) - I wanted to show the detail before the Jpg compression mushed it all up.

Now to create a placement guide before I go into production.

As for the 32" version - I just need to scale this up (it's illustrator so no loss of res) Can anyone tell me the exact scale percentage from the Ertl version to the 32" (like is 32" an exact measurement? and is it width or length? That's why I'm not gonna guess