Ezra bridger

Ok so after many evenings filling and sanding I'm getting to the point of fine sanding and filling then it will be fiber glassing the inside of the helmet

Ok face plate is still loose till I'm happy with the final paint job I'm going to do. But it is now painted with the basic cadet colours
The lens tint material hasn't arrived yet but I'm really happy with this as my first ever from scratch helmet build.

Ewan is now cleared with the galatic academy looking forward to wearing his costume to his first convention not a troop but good practice

Just comlink to make and add to belt and I think it's pretty much there.
You have done a fantastic job.
I am a total novice and your thread has been helpful. Thank you.
Can I ask how you made the shin guard?
He has outgrown it now but his younger brother is close to fitting it


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