Ezra bridger

Ok so it's nearly done it's missing the large yellow collar from the top of the jumpsuit and the helmet at the moment is just the simple disney mask looking at having a go at making the cadet helmet from a skateboard helmet

This looks GREAT!!!!! You have done an awesome job! I am wanting to do a cadet helmet for my son too and can't figure out where to start so I can't wait to see your progress on that!
I'm going to try and use different thickness of plasticard to build the helmet around a base of a skateboard helmet (this isn't my idea I got it from a great prop builder Darren (purgeworks)) still waiting on a delivery of the helmet coming from over seas
Ok first night starting on his helmet the base for it is a skateboard helmet copied the idea from a friend and its to his credit and my thanks go (cheers purge)

Started to make up the face plate minus the breather circles I'm not happy with it as it stands eyes are too curved and the details aren't deep enough and the proportions are out. For now whle mocking up it will do and I'll revisit it later if I have enough plastic left to build a better one.

Building up a 2mm styrene inner skeleton for the skirt to sit on then I'll add on a thin 0.50mm outer skin that bends easy

Once the outer skin is on then it will be a case of filling and sanding to remove the holes and the edging.
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