Escape From New York Snake Plissken Leather Jacket


Guys, If there is another post about this, I am sorry. Please direct me to it and maybe someone can delete this. If not...

I found a site called Hollywood Movie Leather Jackets and they make a replica of Snakes jacket called "Escape From LA Snake Plissken Jacket"
which is misleading, it is the jacket from the EFNY not EFLA. Heres the link: Escape From LA Movie Jackets | Snake Plissken Leather Jacket

Anyways I ordered one and it has been shipped, I should have it in a few days so once I get my hands on it I will let you all know if it's worth a s@#t or not. The total price with shipping was 218.00.

More details once it arrives.
I agree with terryr, why not show their version up close and clear? But please let us know with your pics how it turns out cause that would be one bad a$$ jacket.
Well, to be picky, it does appear in EFLA. But yeah, it's not the black "stealth" coat.

That said, I'm looking forward to pictures.
Hope it turns out ok. But I notice with some concern that they have used some Magnoli pics for there other jackets. Don't know if Indy knows about it.
very interested to see how it looks. the macleod site that sells the pants has a REALLY good looking snake jacket but is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. there seems to be a lot of places that make custom leather jackets for around the $200 range, like but i've found that some of them use extremely thin leather, whereas particularly for THIS jacket, its a much heavier weight leather. idk... i want this jacket REALLY bad, but also, a big part of the awesome-ness of snakes jacket is how distressed it is. so even when you get a good one, your works just begun, lol.
Very cool, please show pics...alarms me they don't show it w/out the movie clips, when something is too good to be usually is.

At least that's the stance I 'm taking thanks for posting this Samhain2000 and as a fellow snake fan, can u please share pics of it when/if u get it?

I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. With that said I am pretty satisfied with my purchase.

A little back history on a bad purchase I made off Ebay. I bought a leather jacket in Dec 2010 off Ebay. As soon as opened the package the phrase, "cheap piece of s#it", came to mind. It turned out to be goat leather and was so thin I could have torn it with my hands. I swear I have had condoms that were thicker then the ebay jacket.

Whats my point, the leather on the Escape jacket was better then I expected. Just as thick as my other biker jackets. The large fit me well, chest, shoulders, sleeves and waist. The only problem I have is that there is no pocket on the upper left chest. I can get over that. Also, the zipper is set up like a womans jacket, meaning the zipper is on the right. On a mens coat, the zipper is on the left.

All in all, for 218 (that includes shipping) this is a good deal. Will I still purchase a Snake Plissken jacket from Indy Magnoli? Your damm right I will. Actually having the Hollywood jacket gives me the confidence to give Indy all the proper measurements that I was not confident about before.

Here are some pics. The jacket is not this shiny but the camera insisted on using the flash.

Please share your thoughts about this jacket with me.
Not bad for the price, especially since it's not as shiny as is appears in the pics. It definitely needs some distressing though...
Not bad for the price, especially since it's not as shiny as is appears in the pics. It definitely needs some distressing though...

Nothing a mouse sander or some birdshot can't take care of.
I will not be doing that. I'm rough on leather jackets, this thing will get worn in.
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Looks excellent! Can't wait to see it distressed.

It's funny that a movie that cost (relatively) little to make has us spending tons of money to get the costume right. :) Looks like Steven Loomis didn't do a whole lot of design (for the movies, anyway), but he gave us one badass, iconic costume.
so i've been doing some research on possibly crafting my own snake jacket. and have been looking into leather distressing techniques, and have found out that snakes jacket was made out of horse hide, which is apparently rather hard leather to find for purchase, BUT if you check out vintage horsehide jackets on ebay, you'll notice that jackets made of this kind of leather have a very distinct look when they're weathered or distressed. i think having a jacket in HORSEHIDE will be key in having a great snake jacket. i'll be on the look out.
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