ESB Vader saber bubble strip - superglued?


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I heard on a YouTube video from Iron Destiny Props that the ESB Vader lightsaber’s bubble strip is cloudy because of some superglue that bled between the PCB and strip. Specifically, this YouTube video (at 8:31):

This seems highly plausible to me, but I can’t find any other source for that assertion. Has anyone else heard that claimed? Frankly I’m wondering why nobody seems to reproduce this detail in their builds (including Iron Destiny Props for the saber in that video), given how much attention to detail is often given to accurate weathering. Thanks!


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Super glue is my assumption for the reason why the PCB under the bubbles is cloudy. There may be another reason, but I have not received any commissions that have requested that cloudy mod since most want to be able to see the beauty of the rare blue PCBs under the bubbles especially since they originate from expensive TI Exactra calculators.


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We don't know, basically. The close shots we got of the thing while it was on display clearly showed a trimmed (and backwards) circuit board beneath the bubble strip. The MPP clamp teeth make a rather weirdly shaped gap so both the board and bubbles had to be trimmed to different widths it seems. The bubble strip is cloudy with obvious scratches that come from sanding underneath. That's the end of the facts I'm pretty sure. Rest is conjecture

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