ESB Hoth Graflex - Roman Props with Prizm V5


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Hello everyone,

Long time reader of this amazing forum but first time poster as I did not have much to contribute before.

My turn to join the club of saber builders(ish).

I had a few sabers in my collection for a while but I never tried to build one before. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try since there is so many options now for the boards, chassis, LED etc...

So of course I chose to build a Graflex, in ESB set up (simply because it is my favorite graflex set up of the lot), with a Goth 3D Knight V2 chassis and a Prizm V5 board. The "usual" so to speak...

I had very little experience with the whole electronic/soldering stuff except a theoretical knowledge. The whole enterprise is very daunting but after many hours of research and comparing with similar projects, I was pretty sure of where I was going. The practical how was a bit different...
I know the forum is full of seasoned DIY veteran, but for a complete beginner, it is scarier than that cave on Dagobah...

But after the disassembly, sanding, painting, soldering and reassembly ( and a bit more sanding), the fact that I finished this project is hugely satisfying. I think I should have started by a more "simpler" project but it give me more confidence to do more !

So here is the entire list of materials used for the project :

Hilt : Roman's Props already converted Graflex Flashgun Replica with the Empire Strikes Back Setup.

Chassis :
  • Knight Var 2 - Part 1/Black Strong and Flexible - Goth3D - Shapeways
  • Knight Var 2 - Part 2/Black Strong and Flexible - Goth3D - Shapeways
  • Knight Var 2 - Part 4/Raw Brass - Goth3D - Shapeways
  • Knight Var 2 - Part 5/Raw Bronze - Goth3D - Shapeways
  • MultiBoards Adaptive Chassis card/Black Strong and Flexible - Goth3D - Shapeways
  • Brass Rods (1.5, 2.5 and 3 mm) - The Saber Armory
  • Blade Holder : DELUXE Romans Graflex 1″ Blade Holder - The Saber Armory
  • HeatSink : 1″ OD Heatsink Module For Single and Tri LED - The Saber Armory
  • Wire Mesh from Amaco - Amazon
  • Great Planes All Thread Rod 4-40x12" - Amazon
  • Brass Hex Nut, #4-40 - The Custom Saber Shop
Electronics :
  • Main LED : Tri Cree XPE-2 LED B/B/W - The Custom Saber Shop
  • Accent LED : 5mm Blue LED x1 - The Saber Armory
  • Battery : Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 10A 3200mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery - Solo's Hold
  • Recharge Port : Switchcraft High Quality 2.1mm Recharge Port - The Saber Armory
  • Switches : Low Profile Tactile Switch x2 - The Saber Armory
  • Speaker : 2W 28mm 8ohm OD Bass Speaker - The Saber Armory
  • Board : PRIZM V5.1 - The Custom Saber Shop
  • Wires : 30 AWG Uxcell a13101800ux0531 P/N B-30-1000 200M - Amazon
  • Resistors : 1ohm 2w resistor x3 - The Custom Saber Shop

Misc :
  • Graflex Pin Tool (GPT) in Metal from ShtokCustomWorx at Shapeways
  • Chrome Mylar Tape Strip - 1/2" Thick Skywampa/Etsy
  • Clamp Card ESB with Silver Inserts from Slothfurnace
  • Crystals - HypnoticGem/Amazon
  • Blade Plug : KR Saber Graflex Blade Plug 1" - The Saber Armory
  • Brass contact strip : reused the one for the Roman's Prop - Roman's Prop
  • Kill key plug style 5 - Brass - The Custom Saber Shop
  • Paint : Citadel paints
The whole process and questions are on another forum ( do not know if I can post it here) if you want to have the full history.

Below is the wiring schematic for future reference :

The only "fancy" things that I have done is use the two red buttons as my main and aux switches.

And finally Glam shots of the thing once completed :
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