Enterprise Refit - to boldly go where no Aztec has gone before ....


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Not trying to create any kind of a war here, but what are people's general thoughts on the Aztec paintwork on Enterprise Refit models?

Personally speaking, I often find that the patterns and colours are too strong on many of the models which I've seen (even the colours on the Bandai model seem too strong). I'm basing this opinion on having watched the movies so many times - while the patterning and colouring is there on the model in the movies, it seems far more subtle. Perhaps it's simply down to the way that the model was lit for filming?

Thoughts anyone?

Hope I haven't opened a huge can of worms. :)
You'll get no argument from me. I LOVED how the aztec paneling looked in TMP. Basically, the paneling was designed to show itself more prominently as light hit it from certain angles. Others here can get into the specifics on how the skin of the ship changes in the following productions, and how the aztec panelling appeared after that, but it was SUPPOSED to be a subtle thing...That's what made it so cool!

It's a tough thing for almost all modelers I know to replicate properly, but I've seen some pull it off seamlessly.
I've seen it done well and I've seen it done poorly. But, I appeciate the effort if somebody willingly takes the time to try it, no matter the results as it can take a lot of effort to achieve.
I prefer the subtle pattern work too. Sometimes it is just personal prefence. Some peole like to have a strong contrast in the azteking, but I think most modelers try to go for the subtle look, wether it is done with paint or decals.
I'm definitely in the "subtle is better" camp. I've yet to see any Aztec decals that work for me, even for the 1/350 scale Polar Lights/Round 2 Refit--far too obvious. I have seen some terrific work with pearlescent paints on the same model though that replicated the look of the filming model quite well.

As for Round 2's 1/1000 scale "Weefit"...I wouldn't even bother with Aztecing at that scale, no matter how subtle.
Good to see that I'm not alone in my thoughts. :)

Can anyone recommend any pics of any models which have got it right, ie with a subtle colour scheme?
As the people before have said, when it is just slight changes in the paint, and you almost don't see it... it makes it perfect. I'd like to do some Aztec patterns to some of my models.
I always thought it'd be best to acheive it by using Flat. Semi-Gloss, and Gloss clear coats.

However, on a white model, I'd be deathly afraid to use clear coats as they will invariably go yellow.
for TMP the refit Enterprise was painted with various shades of opalescent paints, unfortunately it shone so much that they could only use low level lighting, this is why the colouration seems to change with the light.
I stumbled across a report by the guy who painted it a while ago, unfortunately I did not keep the link or bookmark it
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