Dyeing resin?


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I dye resin with a pigment paste - I imagine it would be worth trying a test-piece with the method you suggested, but anything fluid would detract from the mechanical properties of the resin. Do they make dye-rite as a powder?

Pigment paste is cheap and it goes a very long way!


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several of the resin manufacturer's make dye for resin. I have used Smooth-On's resin and black dye and it works very well. Doesn't take a lot either. So while the bottles may seem small for the money - it goes a LONG way.


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Thanks guys, paint it is then. I may seem like a stupid question, but I know you can soak some types of plastic in dye to change it's color. The RC car guys are all over this. I just didn't know if it would work with a resin cast part or not.
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