Question Duplicate threads or different issues? (answered)


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I am working on a Hurt locker bomb suit which I started a thread on, but I also started threads on

  • What glue for foam armor?
  • Cooling fans for hot costumes
I wasn't sure if I should start new threads since lots of different costumes use cooling fans and glue for foam. However, it is all for the same costume.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Duplicate threads or different issues?


While the threads may reference the same costume, there may be some who aren't interested in a Hurt Locker costume thread that would be interested in a thread about coolling fans and glue for foam. While you could certainly go overboard, I don't think you will get dinged for creating new threads about those topics, even though they relate to a costume from an existing thread.


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Re: Duplicate threads or different issues?

Thanks guys. Hurt Locker isn't very "costume friendly", so I was looking to getting more responses in separate threads. In fact, walking into a crowded convention hall in a bomb disposal suit might have some "issues".
However, it does meet my costume criteria.

  1. Easy to drink a beer while wearing.
  2. Easy to go to the bathroom. (at least to pee)
  3. Lots of pockets for stuff.