Dryden Vos Yacht "First Light" - paper model

No words man, no words (y) (y) :cool: :cool: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: Where do you put those afterwards? You've built quite a few big scale SW models and was wondering if you have a dedicated room to store all of it?
Awesome work, and thanks for posting the progress images!!:cool:

Just a suggestion ( NOT a nit-pick ) maybe you can route the power chord thru the base and change to a black one. The white power cord is a bit distracting.
This is just incredible, really inspirational work. Loving the use of zip ties for detailing too!
Wow, that is incredible, even more impressive when you consider what it is made from!
A true work of art

And purely out of curiosity, why 1/63 rather than 1/72 (or even 1/48 or 1/144) etc...?

I know if this was mine, I could not resist the temptation to shoehorn it into a more common scale to display along with other 1/72 SW stuff
On a daily basis, models are stored in wooden boxes. Unfortunately, there is no place where I can present them permanently.
From time to time, he presents them together with his colleagues from the YAVIN group at fantasy conventions such as:
Fantasy Basel, ComicCon Ukraine, ComicCon Baltics, ComicCon Dortmund, ComicCon Prague, Comic Con Vienna, Powwr Of The Force, RPC, Comic Con Brussel..........
PS. cable changed to black



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