Drone 1 Silent running: Dewey re-born


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Thought I would submit some early stage photos of my full size drone replica fromSilent running. It is a Fred Barton issue drone, in kit form, which I still have not seen all of the pieces from good ole Fred after 5000. dollars paid, 7 months later and repeated e-mails on when I should expect the remainder. Typical from what I have heard. Never again Fred ...
Anyhow, I intend on making it as screen accurate as possible. Actually, I came across the hardest part to get the Carello Headlight for the eye. This got me pretty excited on making this fellow the best I drone possible. When I get it done I intend on loaning him to the Sci Fi Museum in Seattle for display. I want to commission an articulated arm Like the one micdavis is babysitting...any takers?

Enjoy the photos, I will update them as I move forward with this build. I have to say, I still love the design of this...Doug trumbull, you rock...


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Hey, he looks great.
I love the drones. Can't wait to see him finished.



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That's really excellent.
Now getting it to actually walk- without any "special people" inside- THAT would be the ultimate, but probably (nearly) impossible.


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Looks Fantastic. Are you going to give him a watering can?

Actually, I found the watering can too. I know it's dorky but putting in his manipulator arm will make him more human.

I also intend having the computer card be the on/off switch for the lights. Love to make the lights motion activated but it is a bit out of my expertise.


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You're off to an outstanding start. :eek

I've always loved the drones, and your Dewey replica is shaping up beautifully. (It should be, after $5000.) Great find on the Carello headlamp. It really adds authenticity to your recreation.

That's a really cute pooch in the first shot, too, posing so primly with Dewey for the photo. :)

Looking forward to photos of continuing progress. Thanks for sharing these. :thumbsup