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First of all i would like to introduce my self, My name is Dillon I originally registered here because i wanted to ask this question but then i realized its a great forum since i love movie props i plan to stay and be active. Anyway heres my question :)

I recently watched the movie Drive Angry starring Nicholas Cage, i was very intrigued by the character The Accountant, He serves hell as an Accountant and possibly a Charon of sorts. He also has a silver coin a very old magical coin that seems to decide fate for people. I am interested in finding out if this coin exists if so what is it called or where can i get it?

One side of the coin closely resembles Charon, It looks like Charos walking someone onto his boat.

On another side it looks to be the Roman God Janus with some roman numerals.

Here are photos of both sides of the coins, Hopefully you can help me find this coin, Thank you.


coin2.jpg picture by dillonrobertson - Photobucket
From what I've read, there's a mess of awesome props that were made for this movie. Hope someone comes up with a replica of that coin...looks fascinating.
From what I've read, there's a mess of awesome props that were made for this movie. Hope someone comes up with a replica of that coin...looks fascinating.

Yeah its pretty insane how many cool props are in the film, Like the God Killer. A supernatural killing Gun and it looks amazing. Right now im focusing on the coin. I'm kind of fascinated by coins.
That does sound like a fun prop to make. I may have to take a crack at that. have you considered attempting it yourself? Looks like a perfect starter project for someone new to prop making.

I would suggest starting with a steel washer and getting your hands on some Sculpy putty. With this you can sculpt one side of the coin on the washer then, when you've got it looking like the photo, you bake it. (tip: take the picture to Kinkos/Staples/OfficeMax/wherever and print it on a transparency sheet the size of the washer and you have an easy guide)

Baking the Sculpy putty makes it hard. You can then cut, chisel, and sand any details that you need to fix. You can even add more clay and bake again. Then, do the other side the same way.

Paint silver and BAM! You've got yourself a coin.
Well i was hoping to find out if the coin was real then if it was i could buy it. But if it is a stage coin i might have to make it
It's possible that it's real. However, in my experience, it's safer and easier to create something like that. When its a "hero" prop that is going to be handled and featured, you want multiple copies and possibly even versions (i.e. metal, plastic, and rubber). Plus, you might even need multiple sizes for close-ups. Also, copyright could be an issue if its a recent design. Custom builds also add a level of "coolness" that it is an original movie prop and one of a kind. It's why this forum exists.

However, it may be based on an actual coin. I would try doing a google search. I have an app on my phone called Google Goggles that searches the internet by matching the image to other images. You might try that.

All else fails, get me the highest resolution photos you can and a price you'd like to pay and I'll make it for you. Sounds like fun.
I tried using Google Goggles but, no dice. Of course its not a perfect system. No coins came up. So I don't think it was working very well.
I just happen to watch this for the first time last weekend and I noticed this coin to be quite a awesome prop, as it gives heft and history to 'the Accountant' character.
I actually blurted out when he flipped it to the local PD, that it was an anciet Roman coin, but could be greek. I want to say he was there during the fall of the Roman Empire, and he snagged a token of his appreciation for the help of it all. Maybe sourcing the real deal can be a start?
found this picture that fits picture nr 2 :

First off, Nice find contec! The coin is not real, the two sides were sculpted in zbrush. Then CNCed out of wax and cast in real silver. That is one of the exact reference photos used in the sculpt.
Holy crap; that's amazing that you found that.

it was not that hard, did a google search for what ever those coins was called that they paid Death. Got the name and google that and after a while found that picture :)

Picture nr 3 looks like it could be a combined picture of two diffrent faces, and not a original drawing found on the web... The edge in their neck seems to give that expression away..
Holy crap; that's amazing that you found that.

Amazing indeed, I think it is greek because the accountant seems to be Charon. The person who is responsible for the souls of the Underworld.

But im no expert

I'm not actually sure what i would pay

Here are all the images i could find

I might just pick up a Constantine Balthazar coin instead but i might as well share incase anyone else is interested.






I was busy looking at the FBI ID the accountant had but also thought the coin would be a cool prop to make, I've attached a few images I snagged of the coin in case it helps anyone :)

Or I could be beaten to posting them by dsmith by a few minutes, doh!
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I really need to watch this movie. I had no idea what it was about. I should make the coin and then watch the movie. Reverse fandom.
I just finished watching that film and went "Holy **** I want an obolus!"

Nice to see someone else wants one too :)

This might be the best movie I have ever seen in my life. It is, probably, the epitome of a Cage movie, and I loved The Accountant. I really do hope there is a sequel.

Man I wish I had seen it in the movies :(

If this ever takes off, color me interested. Doesn't have to be real silver.

Yeah theres a whole thread about Drive angry props, so I suggest we use this one to tal about the whole pride of all props in this movie...

Im surprised no-one has any aof the props over on yourprops and I searched the prop stores, there was nothing, too...
Hi had to sign up to get in on this particular prop, love small tactile things like this. I notice much has been given to the Charon side of the coin but most seem to have neglected the other side, thought I'd redress the balance. I would say it's a depiction of Janus, the Roman god of begginings and transitions, which would cast a little doubt as to wether the Accountant is actually Charon himself or more likley he uses imagery of crossing over as a metophorical joke. Anyhoo enough preamble, thought this image might help.
Anyone found anything about the meaning of the coin? I don't think it's a decider of life or death since he kills people well enough without consulting his coin.

According to me (atleast what I got out of the movie) is that it's sort of his pasport from Satan himself for our world, that he uses to disguise himself with so that none of the mortals get any wiser to what/who he really is. Thus by flipping it he gains FBI credentials making any mortal he encounters in the movie immediatly listen to him.

I don't think he's Charon either. He calls himself the administrator and regulary tells people when he's gonna see them so that is a point in favor of Charon. But his top priority is getting back Milton. And Charon just helps the dead cross over, I don't think charon ever was tasked with getting someone back.

I think the administrator is just the prison bookkeeper. Keeping the books on all the inmates who come in. And if something is wrong in the books (someone doesn't come in / escapes) he has to get them back to make the books correct again. He also states that if Milton kills him someone else will come, so that means his job is open for the next guy should he die.
Well here is what I found out: Janus (roman god)
a Roman coin depicts Janus, the Roman god of gates and doors, whose two faces, pointed in opposite directions, represent the transition between two times or places.

I have seen several different types of boats on the back side of roman Janus coins, but not the one used in the movie yet.
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