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I have finished 95% of the TARDIS vector. I am now looking for an as hi-res as possible image of the light on top of the police box. Anyone out there got one?

I am working on making labels for wine bottles that I will be giving away as gifts for Christmas and I need some Vector images and or font names for the signs on the TARDIS. I'm working on teaching myself inkscape to make my own vector TARDIS, but I'm kind of hoping that someone here on the forums has one laying around. It might be that I'm not very good at it, or the learning curve is steep. I'm not doing as well as i hoped I would be.

So, if you've got a TARDIS vector image that you wouldn't mind me borrrowing or modifying or if you know what fonts would work for the signs on the doors (Police Call Box, pull to open, St. Johns ambulance) Please let me know. I'm going to continue working on this on my own, but I hope someone can rescue me.

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