Dr Strange: MoM replica handcuffs


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Replica handcuffs featured in Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness.

Recently I've been learning to 3d model and have wanted to model the Dr Strange handcuffs from Multiverse of Madness for a short while. I believe this is where I stop with this to move on to the next. I've got the locking mechanism for either side, but I chose not to show it here. (A little bit of me being lazy)
It should completely function if 3d printed, including rotating rings in the centre and swaying pieces that clamp onto the lock in the middle (I don't know the jargon).

There seems to be two models when they are split into two later in the movie but chose to just stick to aiming for this one.

If anyone knows who made this prop, I'd love to know how well I did.


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