Dr Pepper Thor Hammer Replica

King Ranger

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Are you sure it's the same kind ? This one's handle is black. The other was brown.

... and still no "Dr. Pepper" mentioned.

I've noticed that this is a common problem even among the toys. Before the film came out all the toy hammers had black handles but since the movies release they all changed to brown.


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Does anyone know or have heard about any Mjolnirs that were part of Dr Pepper displays or promotions? Apparently they are full size, look identical to the movie hammer, with a heavy duty plastic head and a leather wrapped handle. Weighs about a couple of pounds.

I have 2 :D


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I just won one on ebay for 205$ I will let you guys know whats up with it when it gets here! God I hope it's not JUNK!

I got one and actually was pleasantly surprised when it came. I was expecting quality about like the Disguise version, which isn't bad for the price, but...

The thing about this Dr Pepper hammer is they're pretty rare. That makes it fairly valuable regardless of the quality (which ain't bad).

I've seen some of the first ones on ebay go for over $450. The last 4 or 5 have went in the $225 to $250 range. I have not seen one yet go for under $200.


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I am eagerly awaiting it! I know it's not going to be on a grand scale replica, but the rarity of it makes it worth it! I am trying to get all the Mjolnirs I only have the factory x one and the ultimate one to go now.

King Ranger

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Here's some pics of my DP promo hammer next to my Disguise, Inc. hammer.

Let me say I was shocked by how hefty this promo piece is. The weight on it is just awesome.

On another note, I believe it is slightly oversized to be movie accurate and it is missing that ledge the Disguise hammer has but, as a prop in general, I like it.
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