Does anyone remember this old movie?


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I just finished watching Red Planet and found the storyline somewhat familiar and wasn't sure if it was a remake.

I remember back in the 70s there was a movie about some American astronauts visiting either Mars or the Moon. There, one by one, the astronauts would die, and survivors would find their fallen fellows look like something sucked all the life out of them, leaving a husk.

The last American astronaut found a Russian cosmonaut on the brink of death, somehow revives him, and the both work together to head back to earth.

And they traveled in rockets.

Does this film sound familiar to anyone?
Sounds vaguely familiar to me. It certainly ties in with an old cinema memory I have of some film about Mars or something that made an impact on me but which for the life of me I can remember almost nothing about. Reckon it was made in the 60s and I saw it in the cinema in some Saturday morning kids' show around '75 or something...
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The story about the movie is that they made a large outdoor Mars set for the movie, but lost it when a storm hit the Florida studio, forcing them to use a smaller sound stage set. The Director's son worked on the movie, and said that they had made space helmets for the costumes, but they had to improvise after Darren McGavin threw one against a wall smashing it. He found the helmet to be too small to accommodate a prominent physical feature of his face.

Im glad to see the production folk on that flick got jobs on the force awakens.

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