Remember this retro movie?


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Do you recall this retro sci-fi movie about American astronauts going to Mars (I think it was Mars). After landing, they are picked off one by one by some entity that somehow sucks them dry and leaves them as a shriveled corpse in their space suits. They eventually found a Russian cosmonaut partly succumbed to this but manage to revive him. Eventually, all but one of the American astronauts fall prey, but the last American joins forces with the Russian in taking off from Mars and returning home.

I've never been able to find the title. It's probably a really hokey movie by today's standards. I saw this on television a looooong time ago.

Anyone? :D

Wes R

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I was going to say Lifeforce too. If you remember Patrick Stewart in it then we'll know for sure it's Lifeforce.
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