Does anyone know Jamief123 (Jamie)


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Does anyone know jamief123(Jamie) I brought all 3 season of star trek TOS blu ray from him on the 14 aug and have not got them. He offered a refund way to fast the first time I asked for info on when he sent them,his got no tracking or proof of post and since I asked him a week later for the refund his not logged in to therpf since 23 sept (not aug) or reply to several emails I have sent him.

This guy has has taken me for a ride his action have showed this please be careful and don't deal with him.

If anyone has info could you email me at

Thanks. Jon
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Roger Ramjet

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I have done business with him in the past and true he is sometimes slow to ship, I always received my stuff. Just try and keep the lines of communication open.


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I have emailed jamief123 every day since starting this topic and still no reply. He hasn't logged on since 23/09/2011.


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Thank you all for all your help. I can't see him coming back to TheRPF and it's a dame shame. All this for $101 what some people will do for money.

Alan Castillo

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What a shame. He seemed like an OK guy :(

If you paid by Paypal linked to a card, file a charge back though. You'll be covered and you'll get your money back.


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My emails that I'm sending to him are now being send back as unable to deliver.

This could be a fault but I think his bloke my email address.

Michael Bergeron

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This is incredibly odd. I've had quite a few transactions with him in the past with absolutely no problems (a little slow to ship, not too bad though).

Hope things work out for you. :(
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