Doctor Who 'Blink' weeping angel costume


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To the OP, I am floored by your Angel, and also a bit surprised I missed this thread for FOUR YEARS. It's up there with the best Iron Man builds for "most impressive costume I've ever seen" - huge props to you.

Doctor Mitch

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I have to say - this is simply fantastic craftsmanship! Would you mind if I used your guide (of a sort) to make a Weeping Angel costume to use at various Cons for myself?


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This is a beautiful costume! You make it all sound so easy! Very inspirational. I really appreciate your detailed description. I wish I had more time on my hands so I could attempt it!

Mr Mold Maker

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That thing is damn creepy! I don't remember who was telling me, but they said I should watch this particular episode as I've never seen the show. You've definitely gotten the point across to me! Great job on the costume!


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I would first like to say that I was not a member of this site or had ever even been to it before now. I created this account specifically to comment on this thread. I realize it's quite an old post but I was searching for 'Blink'. My daughter has started watching Doctor Who with me and LOVES it (she's 5). I made a bad judgement call and didn't skip this episode and since then, she will not sleep in her bed! These angels terrified her even though I explained to her that it wasn't real. So I found your post and was able to show her step-by-step how the angels are created and that they are, in fact, fake. I realize this wasn't your intent in posting this, but you have just helped a little girl conquer her fear. Your costume was so realistic and seeing your face under that mask sealed it for her. So, THANK YOU! :)


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LBlinc, that's one of the coolest costume compliments I've ever gotten! I'm so glad that seeing a person inside the costume took the scaries away. :)

Doctor Mitch, of course I'd be delighted if you used some of my ideas - that's why I shared them! Good luck!

Everyone else, thank you for the compliments! It amazes me that my bodged-together mess of paint and posterboard is still catching peoples' eyes after all these years. :)


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Seriously, so so so amazing. My friend has recently gotten into Doctor Who and wants to be a villain for a convention we are going to next month and I suggested a Weeping Angel. This is great. Thank you for sharing.


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I love your craftiness!! I am going to a small fan con this oct and wanted to do the weeping angel. I have searched the web and your costume is the best I have seen. I am planning on using your pattern and of course will give you full credit as is only your due!

If you or anyone has more suggestions please reply! Cant wait to get started!!
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