Disney’s “real” lightsaber in action

Oh I'm fully aware of some of the downright awful decisions made under Lucas himself. Stupid ideas are stupid no matter who makes them. Those dancing sequences and things like Detours both make my skin crawl.

You can’t tell me that there is anything wrong with this.
While really cool to have (hopefully one day); I've noticed that he pushes the button to activate the blade and kept his thumb on it the whole time the blade was up. Released it again to make the blade collapse. ;);):cool::cool:(y)(y)
I don’t know, been watching it a few times and sometimes it looks like he does push the button in.
He might be holding his finger there just because he is in front of an audience, he probably is using it for his second time, and want to make sure to do it correctly.

But there is no way to tell either way.
The official hilts are always such a let down, safety stickers and markings, the thing being so chunky that it looks like they didn’t even try. I just hope they manage to make these properlt

More info:

A short, lighted blade that pops out of an enormous hilt…

You know, I feel like I’ve seen this lightsaber before…

…but I can’t quite put my finger on it…


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