Dishonored Health and mana potionsPotions


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hey all, I am working on replicating the health and mana potions from Dishonored 1 and 2. I have managed to render most of the pieces for later 3d printing but the portions of them that hold the "liquid" are proving to be a bit tricky. I planned on using sections of a octagonal acrylic rod 35mm wide and 100mm long for the health potion and a round section 26mm wide and 105mm long for the mana potion. i have been having trouble finding the appropriate sizes in anything less than industrial quantities

if anyone knows where i can find small quantities on the cheap it would be highly appreciated. Otherwise i may just end up 3d printing and making resin copies of the cores.



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A quick search at McMaster-Carr turned this up. I only found hexagonal rod though

Clear Polycarbonate Rods and Discs

  • Color: See table
  • Temperature Range:
    1" lg. and longer: -40° to 240° F
    1/2" lg. and shorter: -40° to 180° F
  • Tensile Strength: 8,000 psi (Good)
  • Impact Strength:
    1" lg. and longer: 1.50 ft.-lbs./in. (Good)
    1/2" lg. and shorter: 5.00 ft./lbs./in. (Excellent)
  • For Use Outdoors: No
  • Specifications Met:
    1" lg. and longer: ASTM D3935, Made of FDA Listed Material, UL 94HB
    1/2" lg. and shorter: UL 94V0, UL 972

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