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Hi all:

Decided I needed an excuse to do some photography (got a super cheap photo box) and document the prop replicas I've been buying, making, assembling, and/or modding. Kind of an inventory of sorts. The vast majority of these replicas are NOT my own design, so I'll be sure to try to credit where I can!

There are over 100 prop replicas I've had the chance to acquire or work on this year alone, so this will take awhile. But I'm nothing if not persistent. I hope you enjoy!


So I'll start with 2024, as there are too many to go back farther (for now). Maybe once I've caught up I will think about 2023...please let me know if you find this interesting, and feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, or drive-by with insults! :p

Here's a view of the entire collection (as of April 2024):


January 2, 2024

First in 2024, I received this Aztec Death Whistle from Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021).

It was made by Ghost2108, and I believe it is resin cast.

Aztec Death Whistle.jpg

I made no changes to it; it's beautiful as-is!


(My whistle is darker in person, so it's closer to screen accurate than you see above.)
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January 3, 2024

I finished this Klingon Goblet from Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV).

PXL_20240421_042157548 (1).jpg

It was 3D printed in FDM from a file downloaded from Thingiverse. It took many passes of filling and sanding, was paint in Alclad II Steel, and clear-coated with a satin finish rattle can.

Star.Trek.The.Next.Generation.s02e08 - A Matter of Honor.mkv_snapshot_21.26_[2023.12.13_10.12....jpg Star.Trek.The.Next.Generation.s02e08 - A Matter of Honor.mkv_snapshot_24.00_[2023.12.13_10.15....jpg

(It seems to have multiple finishes, so a little creative license there.)
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January 3, 2024

I finished this Kryptonite Bullet. It is loosely based on a concept in Justice League Comics and the Justice League movie and TV show.

PXL_20240421_043632303 (1).jpg

I decided that if "Year One"-style Batman was going to have a bullet (just in case Superman went evil or insane), he'd put it in a beefy Colt .45 1911. So this prop is "homage", more than a real replica of anything,

Superman-Gives-Batman-the-Kryptonite-Bullet.png main-qimg-dc30297621dabe12dc8f453b3649d6d3-lq.jpg

The bullet, 3D printed in clear green resin, I modified from a file found at Thingiverse. I clear-coated it in 2 coats for high-gloss rattle can. I purchased a small quantity of real (spent) .45 ACP brass casings, and glued the bullet into the casing with hot glue. Easy peasy!


(Of course, I made several!)
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January 5, 2024

I finished Pyro's Lighter from X2: X-Men United (2003).


I had originally purchased stickers from a seller on ETSY, and while the artwork was good, the edges and finish of the clear stickers looked terrible. So I scanned the stickers into Photoshop and printed them onto printable waterslide decal paper. And then I applied them to a cheap Zippo lighter in Classic Brushed Chrome. I applied no sealer, so it's delicate, but looks accurate!

378104_0.jpg 378105_0.jpg

(There were two versions; I preferred the version without the nostrils.)
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January 8, 2024

Finished this Green Lantern Ring in the comics style.


I 3D printed the ring in gray resin, from a Thingiverse download. After much sanding, it was sprayed with Alclad II Polished Aluminum over gloss black rattle can, then tinted with Alclad II Candy Lime Green and clear-coated in Aqua Gloss. The white area was my first attempt at poured resin, which I colored with white pigment. I was over the moon with how this turned out!


(Yes, the photo close-up shows a few tiny bubbles and some discoloration of the white (should have clear-coated BEFORE resin), but you can't see any of that in person!)
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January 8, 2024


I received this Anaklusmos / Riptide Pen from the Percy Jackson books, from a seller on Etsy.


The pen says "Anaklusmos" on one side and "Riptide" on the other. The seller was kind enough to make a cool note to go with it! Since this is based on novels and open to interpretation, it is certainly not any kind of screen production-based prop replica. But I like it!


(Probably should be in Greek...oh well.)
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January 8, 2024

I received this Command Delta Insignia from Star Trek: Discovery (TV), from a seller on eBay.


The brand is FanSets. It has a magnetic backing so that it can be worn.

Anson-Mount-as-Pike-in-Star-Trek-Discovery.jpg star-trek-strange-new-worlds-pike-db44675.jpg

(I'm not much of a Discovery fan, preferring Strange New Worlds by a mile, but the Discovery's sharper design is so nice!)
January 9, 2024

I received this Bajoran Insignia Pin from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV), from a seller on eBay. Maker is The Hollywood Pins Co.


It's an all-metal two-prong pin with metal backings. The black area appears to be poured resin.


(It's not perfectly accurate, but close enough for me!)
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January 10, 2024

On their trip to Disneyland Anaheim, my family picked up this Pixar Ball from one of the Disney stores.


It's a nice inflated ball about 4" in diameter.

untitled-design-48.jpg untitled-design-49.jpg untitled-design-54.jpg untitled-design-55.jpg
untitled-design-56.jpg untitled-design-57.jpg untitled-design-58.jpg untitled-design-62.jpg

(It appears in no fewer than over 20 Pixar films!)
January 10, 2024

On their trip to Disneyland Anaheim, my family picked up this "Anyone Can Cook" Book from Ratatouille (2007), from a Disney store.


Nice large hardcover format. Really great quality! Although it is mostly a journal of blank pages, there are indeed several pages of Gusteau's recipes to try!


(Should it be thicker and maybe more weathered? Probably. But still it's a decent reproduction from Disney!)
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January 10, 2024

On their trip to Disneyland Anaheim, my family picked up this Jedi Compass from Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2007) and Star Wars: Jedi: Survivor (game), from a Disney store.


It's mainly made of nice solid metal, with a real floating compass and switch-release lid.

intro-import.jpg ngs7pnfeb2s21 copy.jpg

(Not a fan of TLJ, but the production quality won me over.)
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January 10, 2024

On their trip to Disneyland Anaheim, my family picked up this Client's Imperial Medal from The Mandalorian (TV), from a Disney store.


It's really heavy metal, and nicely produced. That looks like marble around the Empire symbol. The strap is long enough to be worn.

TheClient copy.jpg

(I wrapped it around a stand that was covered in black velvet.)
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January 10, 2024

On their trip to Disneyland Anaheim, my family picked up this Camtono from The Mandalorian (TV), from a Disney store.

PXL_20240421_184021545.jpg PXL_20240421_184006652.jpg

This thing is large, locks with a customizable combination of button presses, and has a very nice looking interior. The yellow padding is foam, and there's a light inside.

star-wars-the-mandalorian-camtono-empire-strikes-back-willrow-ho-1197074 copy.jpg OpenCamtono-TMCh3 copy.jpg

(Could probably use some more/better weathering, and I'd love to figure out how to design an internal "caddy" to store various Star Wars currency and coins!)
January 13, 2024

I got these TV Room Glasses from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), from a toy seller on eBay.


These are essentially a cheap plastic toy, meant for costuming. Not terribly accurate, but a nice accent piece for my Wonka items.

78798-1532336916 copy.jpg Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.mkv_snapshot_01.28.04_[2024.01.13_08.10.33].jpg

(I thought about darkening the lenses, but actually like that you can see through them under the light in my display. But I could stand to weather them just a little, to make them look a little more expensive.)
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January 13, 2024

This Elven Cloak Brooch from The Lord of the Rings (2009-2003) was a Christmas gift from my sister, which was found on Amazon.


Loving the intricacy and quality of this pin, which is metal and enamel glaze. It was difficult to photograph in its vibrant color!

The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring.mkv_snapshot_02.47.44_[2024.04.21_12.10.14].jpg

(I should probably dull it or weather it, but I prefer it shiny...maybe a Fuller's Earth bath?)
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January 13, 2024


This Pan Pacific Defense Corps Button from Pacific Rim (2013) is one of many jacket buttons worn by certain staff on the PPDC base.

PXL_20240421_185528755.jpg PXL_20240421_185731312.jpg

I picked up the metal button from Propabilia on eBay, with COA.


(It is a genuine production-used item but there's no way to know if it was actually on screen, as there were many extras wearing these.)
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January 13, 2024


This Quincannon Meat & Power Patch (and jumpsuit pocket) from Preacher (TV) is one of many worn by employees of Q.M. & P.

PXL_20240421_190118385.jpg PXL_20240421_185908216.jpg

I picked up the patch and its attached jumpsuit breast pocket from Propabilia on eBay, with COA.


(It is a genuine production-used item but there's no way to know if it made it on screen, as there were many extras wearing these. Although it was cleaned, I picked up the faint smell of campfire on it!)
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