Digital Sound in Props

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This is a question for the pros:

How to incorporate custom digital sound into a prop? I know a bit about electronics, but my knowledge is a little rusty. It doesn't extend much beyond the ability to wire a few blinkies... :unsure

So, what kinds of components are needed, what is the process, what kind of cost is involved, in short: How do you do it?

Any kind of explanations, tips, links to web ressources etc. are appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)


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Short answer, look for a sound kit. They make hobby kits that will let you store a short sound and then replay it. Don't know what stores you have in Germany, I know Dick Smith in Australia and Radio Shack in the US. If you have a store like either of them I would try there.

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Yes, I've seen those, but they lack certain features or at least I don't know if they have the features I want.

For example continuous play of the sound sample as long as the trigger is pressed and immediate stop when it is released.

Also: The sound samples would have to be recorded with a microphone which decreases the sound quality, doesn't it? I'd like to record the sound directly to the chip.

And lastly: Are these modules loud enough?