Dexter's Kill Bag and Tools


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Okay guys! I have spend the last day and a half freeze framing Season 5 Ep 12, recording the TV with my handheld camera, stabilizing the video on my Mac, and searching the internet looking at kitchen knives.

I am now 100% positive on a few things. I have found the Kill Tool Roll bag and 8 out of the 10 knives in the bag.

The Kill Tool Bag is a Messermeister 12-pocket knife roll- black. This bag was not used in Season 1. Season 1's bag was a brown roll up bag, last seen when Dexter kills Emmet Meridian. The Messermeister bag was used from seasons 2-5, the only difference being, season 2-3 where they used the top. For season 4 & 5 the top was cut off of the bag to keep the bag looking "open".

You can clearly see this in the end of season 5 Episode 12 when Dexter crashes at Camp Jordan. As he exits the car you can clearly see the blue line and a yellow word (that drove me f'n nuts to try to read). Thanks to Pitbull for pic.

That is the bag rolled up as like when Dexter leaves the crashed car.

Here is a screen cap of Season 2 Episode 12. When Lila is in her Jeep after finding Dexter at her house to kill her, she opens the kill tools up. You can see netting, zippers, and pockets.

Here is a pic of the Messermeister 12-pocket. (In a different color obviously). This is the bag "opened & closed".
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Now, onto the actual Kill Knives!

Five of the knives are from the Mundial Future Series, the Main Kill Prop Knife, a small Rachiotomy Bone Saw, a large bone saw, a pair of Messermeister Poultry Shears, and a Global Spatula that was cut into a fillet knife. (Thanks to Pitbull for IDing the bone saws!).

Here is a pic showing the "Future" Logo on the knives. This is a screencap from Season 2 Episode 12.

Here is a picture of the Kill Tools in the correct order. Starting in Season 4 Dexter keeps the knives in a particular order unlike previous seasons.

Here are the Kill Tools numbered and ID'ed. The little pick between 9&10 is not used.

Rachiotomy Saw- RARE
10" or 8" Global Spatula (cut out)-
Mundial Future 8" Chef Knife
Mundial Future 8" Bread knife
Mundial Future 6.5" Cleaver
Kill Knife- Custom prop made by Brian Bero-- Drew's Custom Knife link
Mundial Future 6" Boning Knife
Mundial Future 6" Chef Knife
Messermeister 10" Poultry Shears
Large Bone Saw-

Here is a picture of my very own complete Kill Tools. Thanks a lot to everyone for the help in this project.
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i was going to suggest the finale episode where jordan chase opens it up but im pretty sure thats what you found haha


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3. Mundial Future 8" Chef's Knife
4. Mundial Future 8" Bread Knife
5. Mundial Future 6.5" Meat Cleaver
7. Mundial Future 6" Flexible Boning knife
8. Mundial Future 6" Chef's Knife
9. Messermeister Poultry Shears

I need to find out what knife #2 is if anyone can help?


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i was going to suggest the finale episode where jordan chase opens it up but im pretty sure thats what you found haha

Yes, I had a very hard time reading it off the HD TV. I recorded it with my HD camera and stabilized the video to try and read what I could. Google auto-fill helped with the rest.


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Number 2 is some sort of fillet knife...long slender flexible blade. I don't think those are holes as much as some sort of texturing on the grip.


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The closest handle I found are from Global Knives. Nothing with that design though. Number 2 is really all we need now.

I think the Main Kill Knife is an original creation, no?


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No that is the problem, I couldnt see a good pic of that knife in ANY episode. The pic with the numbers on it is all I have. Here is a pic without the number over it.


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I'm thinking if you are going to be displaying them like they are seen here then there is no reason to do a custom if it can't be found...


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Yes I agree. This is all for me to buy some eventually but the main reason is we are scaling it down to 1/6 for a Custom Dexter Figure.

It was surprising there was NO info out there that I could fin on the Kill Tool bag itself.


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Another thing I found is the Storage Container Pic is the "correct" order. That is the order that is most consistent from Season 4 and 5. From seasons 1-3 the knives were mostly placed random but not always.

The order that seems to be most consistent is. (looking at the pic)
Lg Bone Saw, Poultry Shears, 8,7, Sm Bone Saw, Main Kill Knife, #2, 4,3,5.

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