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  1. B

    Dexter Kill Knife

    Hello everyone ! I would really love to buy dexter kill knife "HERO KILL",i am looking for one really, really long time , is it still possible that someone can make one or sell one ? Thanks a lot for answering :)
  2. gromitsdad

    Dexter Morgan Stalker Costume

    I'm seeking all pieces related to Dexter's stalker costume, specifically the shirt and pants. American Apparel doesn't make that henley anymore and it seems they're impossible to find. Looking for a medium for the shirt and a 32 or 33 for the pants. Thanks! Chris
  3. NuadaDesigns

    Dexter Kill Knife Replica

    Had my first go at knife making. It's all aluminium, and blunted so safe to handle, and useless at being an actual knife. Happy with how it turned out. Will be giving this to a friend and making another revised one pretty soon.
  4. B

    Want to Buy Dexter kill knife

    I’m new to this site, I’ve looked on the web for a replica of the kill knife from dexter the showtime tv series. This site is what I found, read that someone on here makes great replicas of the knife, just wondering if he still does?
  5. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Dexter's Green Henley T-Shirt

    Anyone interested? Price would be $55... need quite a bit of interest to do a run, so let us know... Kind regards, Magnoli
  6. PropStoreViki

    Prop Store's Dexter Auction - 21st Nov - 2nd Dec

    Prop Store and SHOWTIME are proud to present the #DexterAuction - a killer collection of more than 100 original props, costumes and more used in the SHOWTIME original US TV series DEXTER, from the 21st November - 2nd December! Make sure you REGISTER NOW for this amazing auction...
  7. V

    Want to Buy Dexter's blood slide box (possibly customized)

    I have yet to finish reading all pages in this thread: if there's anyone there selling there. With similar dimensions, and if possible with empty blood slides. To be shipped to Sydney. I'd cover the shipping, of course.
  8. I

    Want to Buy WTB> Dexter Hero Kill Knife (Kill knife)

    I want to buy the Hero kill knife from the TV show Dexter. I know a few people here have some but please don't offer if yours is banged up or scratched up alot. I have a collection of cool knives and that's one of which I can't find but would love to add to my collection. Thanks in advance.
  9. T

    Dexter evidence props

    Hey guys I'm pretty new but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make these evidence boxes? Thanks!
  10. Avianman

    Dexter Season Six Props: Brother Sam's Bible, file

    Hi guys! Several months ago I won the Dexter Season Six blood stained Brother Sam Bible and Miami Metro file. Im not much of a prop collector, but more of a Dexter fan and Bible collector, so I guess the two paths met with this! ill probably be selling off the file and photos soon and keeping...
  11. tylerdurden12

    Dexter collection

    Hello guys new to the forum, I have a decent Dexter collection but there's two things I can't quite find, I was Looking for Dexter's trunk and that watch he always wears. I found some candidates for the trunk but never the same. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks,T.
  12. J

    dexter watch

    where can i get a watch just like dexter and what kind is it
  13. D

    Dexter's Kill Bag and Tools

    Okay guys! I have spend the last day and a half freeze framing Season 5 Ep 12, recording the TV with my handheld camera, stabilizing the video on my Mac, and searching the internet looking at kitchen knives. I am now 100% positive on a few things. I have found the Kill Tool Roll bag and 8 out...


    YouTube - Dexter The blood, the bodies, and the killing tools

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